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Abbo of FleuryPassio S. EadmundiWinterbottom 1972, 65-87L.E.8.1
AelfricAssmann 3 (Homily for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary)Assmann 1889, 24-48C.B.1.5.8
AelfricAssmann 4 (Homily for the Common of a Confessor)Assmann 1889, 49-64C.B.1.5.11
AelfricAssmann 5 (Friday after Fifth Sunday in Lent)Assmann 1889, 65-72C.B.1.5.4
AelfricAssmann 6 (Third Sunday after Easter)Assmann 1889, 73-80C.B.1.5.5
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.praefatioClemoes 1997C.B.1.1.1
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.1Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.2
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.2Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.3
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.3Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.4
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.4Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.5
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.5Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.6
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.6Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.7
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.7Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.8
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.8Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.9
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.9Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.10
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.10Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.11
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.11Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.12
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.12Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.13
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.13Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.14
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.14Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.15
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.15Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.17
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.16Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.18
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.17Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.19
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.18Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.20
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.19Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.21
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.20Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.22
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.21Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.23
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.22Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.24
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.23Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.25
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.24Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.26
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.25Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.27
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.26Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.28
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.27Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.29
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.28Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.30
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.29Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.31
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.30Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.32
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.31Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.33
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.32Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.34
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.33Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.35
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.34Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.36
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.35Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.37
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.36Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.38
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.37Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.39
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.38Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.40
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.39Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.41
AelfricCatholic homilies 1.40Clemoes 1997C.B.1.1.42
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.praefatioGodden 1979C.B.1.2.1
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.1Godden 1979C.B.1.2.2
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.2Godden 1979C.B.1.2.3
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.3Godden 1979C.B.1.2.4
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.4Godden 1979C.B.1.2.5
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.5Godden 1979C.B.1.2.6
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.6Godden 1979C.B.1.2.7
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.7Godden 1979C.B.1.2.8
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.8Godden 1979C.B.1.2.9
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.9Godden 1979C.B.1.2.10
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.10Godden 1979C.B.1.2.11
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.11Godden 1979C.B.1.2.12
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.12Godden 1979C.B.1.2.13/14
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.13Godden 1979C.B.1.2.15
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.14Godden 1979C.B.1.2.16
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.15Godden 1979C.B.1.2.18
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.16Godden 1979C.B.1.2.19/20
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.17Godden 1979C.B.1.2.21
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.18Godden 1979C.B.1.2.22/23
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.19Godden 1979C.B.1.2.24
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.20Godden 1979C.B.1.2.25
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.21Godden 1979C.B.1.2.26/27
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.22Godden 1979C.B.1.2.28
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.23Godden 1979C.B.1.2.29/30
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.24Godden 1979C.B.1.2.31
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.25Godden 1979C.B.1.2.32
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.26Godden 1979C.B.1.2.33
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.27Godden 1979C.B.1.2.34
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.28Godden 1979C.B.1.2.35
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.29Godden 1979C.B.1.2.36
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.30Godden 1979C.B.1.2.37
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.31Godden 1979C.B.1.2.38
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.32Godden 1979C.B.1.2.40
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.33Godden 1979C.B.1.2.41
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.34Godden 1979C.B.1.2.42
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.35Godden 1979C.B.1.2.44
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.36Godden 1979C.B.1.2.45
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.37Godden 1979C.B.1.2.46
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.38Godden 1979C.B.1.2.47
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.39Godden 1979C.B.1.2.48
AelfricCatholic homilies 2.40Godden 1979C.B.1.2.49
AelfricDe creatore et creaturaKleist and Upchurch 2022, 714-34C.B.1.6.4
AelfricDe sanguineClayton 2002C.B.1.8.7
AelfricDe sex etatibusKleist and Upchurch 2022, 756-68C.B.1.6.5
AelfricDe temporibus anniHenel 1942C.B.1.9.4
AelfricExcerpts from Julian of ToledoGatch 1977, 134-46L.G.7.1
AelfricIn natali DominiKleist and Upchurch 2022, 110-31C.B.1.5.1
AelfricInterrogationes Sigewulfi in GenesinMacLean 1884C.B.1.6.1
AelfricIrvine 1Irvine 1993C.B.1.5.6
AelfricIrvine 2Irvine 1993C.B.1.5.7
AelfricIrvine 3Irvine 1993C.B.1.5.2
AelfricIrvine 4, lines 1-283 (St Vincent's Day)Irvine 1993C.B.1.3.35
AelfricIrvine 4, lines 284-372 (St Vincent's Day)Irvine 1993C.B.1.5.9
AelfricLives 1 (Nativity of Christ)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.2
AelfricLives 2 (St Eugenia)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.3
AelfricLives 3 (St Basil)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.4
AelfricLives 4 (SS Julian and Basilissa)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.5
AelfricLives 5 (St Sebastian)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.6
AelfricLives 6 (St Maur)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.7
AelfricLives 7 (St Agnes)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.8
AelfricLives 8 (St Agatha)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.9
AelfricLives 9 (St Lucy)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.10
AelfricLives 10 (Chair of St Peter)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.11
AelfricLives 11 (The Forty Soldiers)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.12
AelfricLives 14 (St George)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.15
AelfricLives 15 (St Mark, the Evangelist)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.16
AelfricLives 17 (On Auguries)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.18
AelfricLives 19 (Passion of St Alban)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.20
AelfricLives 20 (St Æthelthryth)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.21
AelfricLives 22 (St Apollinaris)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.23
AelfricLives 24 (SS Abdon and Sennes)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.24
AelfricLives 25 (The Maccabees)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.25
AelfricLives 26 (St Oswald)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.26
AelfricLives 27 (The Exaltation of the Holy Cross)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.27
AelfricLives 28 (St Maurice and his Companions)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.28
AelfricLives 29 (Passion of St Denis and his Companions)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.29
AelfricLives 31 (St Martin)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.30
AelfricLives 32 (Passion of St Edmund)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.31
AelfricLives 34 (Passion of St Cecilia)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.32
AelfricLives 35 (Passion of SS Chrysanthus and Daria)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.33
AelfricLives 36 (Passion of St Thomas the Apostle)Skeat 1881-1900C.B.1.3.34
AelfricMass creedThorpe 1844-6, 2, 596.24-598.14C.B.12.3.2
AelfricMinor (apostles') creedThorpe 1844-6, 2, 596.12-23C.B.12.3.1
AelfricNapier De infantibusNapier 1888, 154-5C.B.3.4.51
AelfricNapier homily 31Napier 1883C.B.1.9.8
AelfricOld English Pater NosterThorpe 1844-6, 2, 596C.B.12.4.1
AelfricPrayers 1Thorpe 1844-6, 2, 598C.B.
AelfricPrayers 2Thorpe 1844-6, 2, 598C.B.
AelfricPrayers 3Thorpe 1844-6, 2, 598C.B.
AelfricPrayers 4Thorpe 1844-6, 2, 598C.B.
AelfricPrayers 5Thorpe 1844-6, 2, 600C.B.
AelfricPrayers 6Thorpe 1844-6, 2, 600C.B.
AelfricPrayers 7Thorpe 1844-6, 2, 600C.B.
AelfricPrayers 8Thorpe 1844-6, 2, 600C.B.
AelfricPrayers 9Thorpe 1844-6, 2, 600C.B.
AelfricPrayers 10Thorpe 1844-6, 2, 600C.B.
AelfricPreface to GenesisCrawford 1922, 76-80C.B.1.7.1
AelfricSermo in dedicatione aecclesiaeKleist and Upchurch 2022, 538-46C.B.1.5.12
AelfricSupplementary homilies 1Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.1
AelfricSupplementary homilies 2Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.2
AelfricSupplementary homilies 3Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.3
AelfricSupplementary homilies 4Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.4
AelfricSupplementary homilies 5Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.5
AelfricSupplementary homilies 6Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.6
AelfricSupplementary homilies 7Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.7
AelfricSupplementary homilies 8Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.8
AelfricSupplementary homilies 9Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.9
AelfricSupplementary homilies 10Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.10
AelfricSupplementary homilies 11Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.11
AelfricSupplementary homilies 12Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.13
AelfricSupplementary homilies 13Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.14
AelfricSupplementary homilies 14Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.15
AelfricSupplementary homilies 15Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.16
AelfricSupplementary homilies 16Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.17
AelfricSupplementary homilies 17Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.18
AelfricSupplementary homilies 18Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.19
AelfricSupplementary homilies 19Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.20
AelfricSupplementary homilies 20Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.21
AelfricSupplementary homilies 21Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.22
AelfricSupplementary homilies 22Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.23
AelfricSupplementary homilies 23Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.24
AelfricSupplementary homilies 24Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.25
AelfricSupplementary homilies 25Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.26
AelfricSupplementary homilies 26Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.27
AelfricSupplementary homilies 27Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.28
AelfricSupplementary homilies 28Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.29
AelfricSupplementary homilies 29Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.30
AelfricSupplementary homilies 30Pope 1967-8C.B.1.4.31
AethelwoldBenedict of Monte Cassino, RegulaSchröer 1885-8C.B.10.3.1
AlcuinCarmen 1 (Poem on York)Godman 1982L.A.6.1
AlcuinHomilia in festivitate S. WillibrordiLevison 1920, 138-41L.E.6.3
AlcuinLaudationes S. MartiniPL, 101, 657-64.L.E.6.4
AlcuinSermo de transitu S. MartiniPL, 101, 662-4.L.E.6.5
AlcuinVita S. RichariiKrusch 1902, 389-401L.E.6.6
AlcuinVita S. VedastisKrusch 1896, 414-27L.E.6.7
AlcuinVita S. Willibrordi (prose)Levison 1920, 113-38L.E.6.1
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 1Ehwald 1919, 11-12L.A.1.1.1
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 2Ehwald 1919, 12-13L.A.1.1.2
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 3Ehwald 1919, 14-18L.A.1.1.3
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.1Ehwald 1919, 19-20L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.2Ehwald 1919, 20-22L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.3Ehwald 1919, 22-23L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.4Ehwald 1919, 23L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.5Ehwald 1919, 23-24L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.6Ehwald 1919, 24-25L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.7Ehwald 1919, 25-27L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.8Ehwald 1919, 27-28L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.9Ehwald 1919, 28L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.10Ehwald 1919, 28-29L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.11Ehwald 1919, 30L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.12Ehwald 1919, 30-31L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 4.13Ehwald 1919, 31L.A.
AldhelmCarmen Ecclesiasticum 5Ehwald 1919, 32L.A.1.1.5
AldhelmCarmen de uirginitateEhwald 1919, 352-471L.A.1.3
AldhelmCarmen de uirginitate praefatioEhwald 1919, 350-52L.A.1.3.1
AldhelmEnigmata praefatioEhwald 1919, 97-99L.A.
AldhelmEnigma 2Ehwald 1919, 99-100L.A.1.2.2
AldhelmEnigma 3Ehwald 1919, 100L.A.1.2.3
AldhelmEnigma 4Ehwald 1919, 100L.A.1.2.4
AldhelmEnigma 5Ehwald 1919, 100L.A.1.2.5
AldhelmEnigma 6Ehwald 1919, 101L.A.1.2.6
AldhelmEnigma 7Ehwald 1919, 101L.A.1.2.7
AldhelmEnigma 10Ehwald 1919, 102L.A.1.2.10
AldhelmEnigma 11Ehwald 1919, 102-03L.A.1.2.11
AldhelmEnigma 12Ehwald 1919, 103L.A.1.2.12
AldhelmEnigma 13Ehwald 1919, 103L.A.1.2.13
AldhelmEnigma 16Ehwald 1919, 104L.A.1.2.16
AldhelmEnigma 17Ehwald 1919, 105L.A.1.2.17
AldhelmEnigma 19Ehwald 1919, 105-06L.A.1.2.19
AldhelmEnigma 20Ehwald 1919, 106L.A.1.2.20
AldhelmEnigma 21Ehwald 1919, 106L.A.1.2.21
AldhelmEnigma 23Ehwald 1919, 107L.A.1.2.23
AldhelmEnigma 24Ehwald 1919, 107L.A.1.2.24
AldhelmEnigma 26Ehwald 1919, 108L.A.1.2.26
AldhelmEnigma 27Ehwald 1919, 108-09L.A.1.2.27
AldhelmEnigma 29Ehwald 1919, 109L.A.1.2.29
AldhelmEnigma 31Ehwald 1919, 110-11L.A.1.2.31
AldhelmEnigma 33Ehwald 1919, 111-12L.A.1.2.33
AldhelmEnigma 34Ehwald 1919, 112L.A.1.2.34
AldhelmEnigma 35Ehwald 1919, 112L.A.1.2.35
AldhelmEnigma 36Ehwald 1919, 113L.A.1.2.36
AldhelmEnigma 38Ehwald 1919, 114L.A.1.2.38
AldhelmEnigma 39Ehwald 1919, 114L.A.1.2.39
AldhelmEnigma 40Ehwald 1919, 114-15L.A.1.2.40
AldhelmEnigma 41Ehwald 1919, 115L.A.1.2.41
AldhelmEnigma 42Ehwald 1919, 115L.A.1.2.42
AldhelmEnigma 44Ehwald 1919, 116L.A.1.2.44
AldhelmEnigma 46Ehwald 1919, 117L.A.1.2.46
AldhelmEnigma 47Ehwald 1919, 117-18L.A.1.2.47
AldhelmEnigma 48Ehwald 1919, 118L.A.1.2.48
AldhelmEnigma 49Ehwald 1919, 119L.A.1.2.49
AldhelmEnigma 50Ehwald 1919, 119L.A.1.2.50
AldhelmEnigma 51Ehwald 1919, 119-20L.A.1.2.51
AldhelmEnigma 53Ehwald 1919, 120-21L.A.1.2.53
AldhelmEnigma 54Ehwald 1919, 121L.A.1.2.54
AldhelmEnigma 55Ehwald 1919, 122L.A.1.2.55
AldhelmEnigma 56Ehwald 1919, 122L.A.1.2.56
AldhelmEnigma 57Ehwald 1919, 123L.A.1.2.57
AldhelmEnigma 58Ehwald 1919, 123L.A.1.2.58
AldhelmEnigma 59Ehwald 1919, 124L.A.1.2.59
AldhelmEnigma 60Ehwald 1919, 124-25L.A.1.2.60
AldhelmEnigma 61Ehwald 1919, 125-26L.A.1.2.61
AldhelmEnigma 63Ehwald 1919, 126L.A.1.2.63
AldhelmEnigma 64Ehwald 1919, 126L.A.1.2.64
AldhelmEnigma 65Ehwald 1919, 127L.A.1.2.65
AldhelmEnigma 66Ehwald 1919, 127L.A.1.2.66
AldhelmEnigma 69Ehwald 1919, 128-29L.A.1.2.69
AldhelmEnigma 71Ehwald 1919, 129L.A.1.2.71
AldhelmEnigma 72Ehwald 1919, 130L.A.1.2.72
AldhelmEnigma 74Ehwald 1919, 131L.A.1.2.74
AldhelmEnigma 76Ehwald 1919, 132L.A.1.2.76
AldhelmEnigma 77Ehwald 1919, 132L.A.1.2.77
AldhelmEnigma 78Ehwald 1919, 133L.A.1.2.78
AldhelmEnigma 79Ehwald 1919, 133-34L.A.1.2.79
AldhelmEnigma 81Ehwald 1919, 134-35L.A.1.2.81
AldhelmEnigma 82Ehwald 1919, 135L.A.1.2.82
AldhelmEnigma 83Ehwald 1919, 136L.A.1.2.83
AldhelmEnigma 84Ehwald 1919, 136L.A.1.2.84
AldhelmEnigma 89Ehwald 1919, 138L.A.1.2.89
AldhelmEnigma 90Ehwald 1919, 139L.A.1.2.90
AldhelmEnigma 91Ehwald 1919, 139L.A.1.2.91
AldhelmEnigma 92Ehwald 1919, 140L.A.1.2.92
AldhelmEnigma 93Ehwald 1919, 140-41L.A.1.2.93
AldhelmEnigma 95Ehwald 1919, 142L.A.1.2.95
AldhelmEnigma 96Ehwald 1919, 142-43L.A.1.2.96
AldhelmEnigma 97Ehwald 1919, 143-44L.A.1.2.97
AldhelmEnigma 98Ehwald 1919, 144L.A.1.2.98
AldhelmEnigma 99Ehwald 1919, 145L.A.1.2.99
AldhelmEnigma 100Ehwald 1919, 145-49L.A.1.2.100
AlfredAugustine, SoliloquiesEndter 1922C.B.9.4
AlfredBoethius, The Consolation of PhilosophySedgefield 1899C.B.9.3
AlfredGregory the Great, The Pastoral CareSweet 1871C.B.9.1
Anon (Lat.)Charter S2Kelly 1995, no. 1L.S.2
Anon (Lat.)Charter S4Kelly 1995, no. 3L.S.4
Anon (Lat.)Charter S7Kelly 1995, no. 6L.S.7
Anon (Lat.)Charter S10Kelly 1995, no. 40L.S.10
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Anon (Lat.)Charter S24Birch 1885, no. 160L.S.24
Anon (Lat.)Charter S27Campbell 1973, no. 3L.S.27
Anon (Lat.)Charter S29Kelly 1995, no. 53L.S.29
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Anon (Lat.)Charter S32Campbell 1973, no. 5L.S.32
Anon (Lat.)Charter S33Campbell 1973, no. 8L.S.33
Anon (Lat.)Charter S35Campbell 1973, no. 9L.S.35
Anon (Lat.)Charter S36Campbell 1973, no. 10L.S.36
Anon (Lat.)Charter S41Birch 1885, no. 318L.S.41
Anon (Lat.)Charter S49Birch 1885, no. 206L.S.49
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Anon (Lat.)Charter S53Birch 1885, no. 85L.S.53
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Anon (Lat.)Charter S56Birch 1885, no. 187L.S.56
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Anon (Lat.)Charter S68Birch 1885, no. 22L.S.68
Anon (Lat.)Charter S71Birch 1885, no. 59L.S.71
Anon (Lat.)Charter S73Birch 1885, no. 58L.S.73
Anon (Lat.)Charter S76Birch 1885, no. 76L.S.76
Anon (Lat.)Charter S77Birch 1885, no. 75L.S.77
Anon (Lat.)Charter S79Birch 1885, no. 124L.S.79
Anon (Lat.)Charter S81Birch 1885, no. 127L.S.81
Anon (Lat.)Charter S82Birch 1885, no. 135L.S.82
Anon (Lat.)Charter S90Birch 1885, no. 162L.S.90
Anon (Lat.)Charter S91Kelly 1995, no. 51L.S.91
Anon (Lat.)Charter S100Birch 1885, no. 182L.S.100
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Anon (Lat.)Charter S107Birch 1885, no. 221L.S.107
Anon (Lat.)Charter S110Birch 1885, no. 213L.S.110
Anon (Lat.)Charter S111Birch 1885, no. 214L.S.111
Anon (Lat.)Charter S117Birch 1885, no. 234L.S.117
Anon (Lat.)Charter S127Birch 1885, no. 251L.S.127
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Anon (Lat.)Charter S130Campbell 1973, no. 14L.S.130
Anon (Lat.)Charter S132Birch 1885, no. 265L.S.132
Anon (Lat.)Charter S133Birch 1885, no. 259L.S.133
Anon (Lat.)Charter S142Birch 1885, no. 219L.S.142
Anon (Lat.)Charter S149Birch 1885, no. 279L.S.149
Anon (Lat.)Charter S153Birch 1885, no. 289L.S.153
Anon (Lat.)Charter S164Birch 1885, no. 328L.S.164
Anon (Lat.)Charter S172Birch 1885, no. 350L.S.172
Anon (Lat.)Charter S175Birch 1885, no. 346L.S.175
Anon (Lat.)Charter S176Birch 1885, no. 344L.S.176
Anon (Lat.)Charter S177Birch 1885, no. 348L.S.177
Anon (Lat.)Charter S178Birch 1885, no. 353L.S.178
Anon (Lat.)Charter S179Birch 1885, no. 356L.S.179
Anon (Lat.)Charter S180Birch 1885, no. 357L.S.180
Anon (Lat.)Charter S181Birch 1885, no. 360L.S.181
Anon (Lat.)Charter S186Birch 1885, no. 370L.S.186
Anon (Lat.)Charter S190Birch 1885, no. 416L.S.190
Anon (Lat.)Charter S193Birch 1887, no. 434L.S.193
Anon (Lat.)Charter S197Birch 1887, no. 454L.S.197
Anon (Lat.)Charter S198Birch 1887, no. 450L.S.198
Anon (Lat.)Charter S201Birch 1887, no. 462L.S.201
Anon (Lat.)Charter S202Birch 1887, no. 466L.S.202
Anon (Lat.)Charter S205Birch 1887, no. 428L.S.205
Anon (Lat.)Charter S208Birch 1887, no. 492L.S.208
Anon (Lat.)Charter S210Birch 1887, no. 509L.S.210
Anon (Lat.)Charter S214Birch 1887, no. 524L.S.214
Anon (Lat.)Charter S221Birch 1887, no. 587L.S.221
Anon (Lat.)Charter S225Birch 1887, no. 632L.S.225
Anon (Lat.)Charter S226Birch 1887, no. 511L.S.226
Anon (Lat.)Charter S227Birch 1885, no. 25L.S.227
Anon (Lat.)Charter S229Birch 1885, no. 27L.S.229
Anon (Lat.)Charter S230Birch 1885, no. 50L.S.230
Anon (Lat.)Charter S231Birch 1885, no. 63L.S.231
Anon (Lat.)Charter S232Birch 1885, no. 64L.S.232
Anon (Lat.)Charter S233Birch 1885, no. 89L.S.233
Anon (Lat.)Charter S234Birch 1885, no. 70L.S.234
Anon (Lat.)Charter S235Birch 1885, no. 72L.S.235
Anon (Lat.)Charter S237Birch 1885, no. 62L.S.237
Anon (Lat.)Charter S249Bates 1899, 35-6L.S.249
Anon (Lat.)Charter S251Birch 1885, no. 143L.S.251
Anon (Lat.)Charter S253Birch 1885, no. 147L.S.253
Anon (Lat.)Charter S256Birch 1885, no. 170L.S.256
Anon (Lat.)Charter S263O'Donovan 1988, no. 2L.S.263
Anon (Lat.)Charter S274Birch 1885, no. 392L.S.274
Anon (Lat.)Charter S275Birch 1885, no. 391L.S.275
Anon (Lat.)Charter S284Birch 1885, no. 398L.S.284
Anon (Lat.)Charter S286Birch 1885, no. 419L.S.286
Anon (Lat.)Charter S288Birch 1887, no. 431L.S.288
Anon (Lat.)Charter S290O'Donovan 1988, no. 3L.S.290
Anon (Lat.)Charter S292Birch 1887, no. 438L.S.292
Anon (Lat.)Charter S298Birch 1887, no. 451L.S.298
Anon (Lat.)Charter S312Birch 1887, no. 477L.S.312
Anon (Lat.)Charter S330Kelly 1995, no. 22L.S.330
Anon (Lat.)Charter S334Kelly 1996, no. 5L.S.334
Anon (Lat.)Charter S338Birch 1893, no. 873L.S.338
Anon (Lat.)Charter S345Birch 1887, no. 550L.S.345
Anon (Lat.)Charter S351Birch 1887, no. 740L.S.351
Anon (Lat.)Charter S364Birch 1887, no. 588L.S.364
Anon (Lat.)Charter S368Birch 1887, no. 600L.S.368
Anon (Lat.)Charter S378Birch 1887, no. 624L.S.378
Anon (Lat.)Charter S379Birch 1887, no. 635L.S.379
Anon (Lat.)Charter S395Sawyer 1979, no. 2L.S.395
Anon (Lat.)Charter S399Birch 1887, no. 664L.S.399
Anon (Lat.)Charter S400Birch 1887, no. 663L.S.400
Anon (Lat.)Charter S401Birch 1887, no. 665L.S.401
Anon (Lat.)Charter S402Birch 1887, no. 666L.S.402
Anon (Lat.)Charter S403Birch 1887, no. 669L.S.403
Anon (Lat.)Charter S404Birch 1887, no. 667L.S.404
Anon (Lat.)Charter S407Birch 1893, no. 1344L.S.407
Anon (Lat.)Charter S408Birch 1887, no. 681L.S.408
Anon (Lat.)Charter S410Birch 1887, no. 680L.S.410
Anon (Lat.)Charter S412Birch 1887, no. 674L.S.412
Anon (Lat.)Charter S413Birch 1887, no. 675L.S.413
Anon (Lat.)Charter S416Birch 1887, no. 677L.S.416
Anon (Lat.)Charter S417Birch 1887, no. 689L.S.417
Anon (Lat.)Charter S418Birch 1887, no. 692L.S.418
Anon (Lat.)Charter S418aBarking Charters, no. 5L.S.418a
Anon (Lat.)Charter S419Kelly 1996, no. 8L.S.419
Anon (Lat.)Charter S421Birch 1887, no. 694L.S.421
Anon (Lat.)Charter S422O'Donovan 1988, no. 7L.S.422
Anon (Lat.)Charter S423O'Donovan 1988, no. 8L.S.423
Anon (Lat.)Charter S425Birch 1887, no. 702L.S.425
Anon (Lat.)Charter S426Birch 1887, no. 704L.S.426
Anon (Lat.)Charter S428Birch 1887, no. 701L.S.428
Anon (Lat.)Charter S429Kelly 1996, no. 9L.S.429
Anon (Lat.)Charter S430Birch 1887, no. 707L.S.430
Anon (Lat.)Charter S433Birch 1887, no. 721L.S.433
Anon (Lat.)Charter S438Birch 1887, no. 714L.S.438
Anon (Lat.)Charter S439Birch 1887, no. 713L.S.439
Anon (Lat.)Charter S441Birch 1887, no. 730L.S.441
Anon (Lat.)Charter S442Birch 1887, no. 728L.S.442
Anon (Lat.)Charter S445Kelly 1996, no. 10L.S.445
Anon (Lat.)Charter S446Birch 1887, no. 742L.S.446
Anon (Lat.)Charter S449Birch 1887, no. 734L.S.449
Anon (Lat.)Charter S458Birch 1887, no. 745L.S.458
Anon (Lat.)Charter S461Birch 1887, no. 762L.S.461
Anon (Lat.)Charter S462Birch 1887, no. 749L.S.462
Anon (Lat.)Charter S463Birch 1887, no. 758L.S.463
Anon (Lat.)Charter S465Birch 1887, no. 763L.S.465
Anon (Lat.)Charter S466Birch 1887, no. 752L.S.466
Anon (Lat.)Charter S469Birch 1887, no. 757L.S.469
Anon (Lat.)Charter S470Birch 1887, no. 748L.S.470
Anon (Lat.)Charter S471Birch 1887, no. 761L.S.471
Anon (Lat.)Charter S472Birch 1887, no. 750L.S.472
Anon (Lat.)Charter S473Birch 1887, no. 751L.S.473
Anon (Lat.)Charter S474Birch 1887, no. 768L.S.474
Anon (Lat.)Charter S475Birch 1887, no. 768L.S.475
Anon (Lat.)Charter S478Kelly 1996, no. 12L.S.478
Anon (Lat.)Charter S479Sawyer 1979, no. 5L.S.479
Anon (Lat.)Charter S480Birch 1887, no. 777L.S.480
Anon (Lat.)Charter S481Birch 1887, no. 776L.S.481
Anon (Lat.)Charter S482Birch 1887, no. 778L.S.482
Anon (Lat.)Charter S484Sawyer 1979, no. 6L.S.484
Anon (Lat.)Charter S485Kelly 1996, no. 13L.S.485
Anon (Lat.)Charter S488Birch 1887, no. 786L.S.488
Anon (Lat.)Charter S489Birch 1887, no. 784L.S.489
Anon (Lat.)Charter S491Birch 1887, no. 789L.S.491
Anon (Lat.)Charter S492Birch 1887, no. 782L.S.492
Anon (Lat.)Charter S493Birch 1887, no. 795L.S.493
Anon (Lat.)Charter S494Birch 1887, no. 798L.S.494
Anon (Lat.)Charter S496Birch 1887, no. 801L.S.496
Anon (Lat.)Charter S500Birch 1887, no. 802L.S.500
Anon (Lat.)Charter S502Kelly 1996, no. 15L.S.502
Anon (Lat.)Charter S503Birch 1887, no. 796L.S.503
Anon (Lat.)Charter S505Birch 1887, no. 803L.S.505
Anon (Lat.)Charter S508Birch 1887, no. 814L.S.508
Anon (Lat.)Charter S510Birch 1887, no. 813L.S.510
Anon (Lat.)Charter S512Birch 1887, no. 780L.S.512
Anon (Lat.)Charter S513Birch 1887, no. 817L.S.513
Anon (Lat.)Charter S514Campbell 1973, no. 28L.S.514
Anon (Lat.)Charter S516O'Donovan 1988, no. 9L.S.516
Anon (Lat.)Charter S517aBarking Charters, no. 7L.S.517a
Anon (Lat.)Charter S517bsBarking Charters, no. 6L.S.517b
Anon (Lat.)Charter S518Kelly 1995, no. 28L.S.518
Anon (Lat.)Charter S519Birch 1887, no. 818L.S.519
Anon (Lat.)Charter S522aBarking Charters, no. 8L.S.522a
Anon (Lat.)Charter S523Birch 1887, no. 830L.S.523
Anon (Lat.)Charter S524Birch 1887, no. 828L.S.524
Anon (Lat.)Charter S526Birch 1887, no. 824L.S.526
Anon (Lat.)Charter S527Birch 1887, no. 821L.S.527
Anon (Lat.)Charter S529Birch 1887, no. 833L.S.529
Anon (Lat.)Charter S531Birch 1893, no. 870L.S.531
Anon (Lat.)Charter S532Birch 1893, no. 865L.S.532
Anon (Lat.)Charter S533Birch 1893, no. 871L.S.533
Anon (Lat.)Charter S534Kelly 1996, no. 16L.S.534
Anon (Lat.)Charter S536Birch 1893, no. 864L.S.536
Anon (Lat.)Charter S540Birch 1893, no. 862L.S.540
Anon (Lat.)Charter S541Birch 1893, no. 867L.S.541
Anon (Lat.)Charter S542Birch 1893, no. 866L.S.542
Anon (Lat.)Charter S544Birch 1893, no. 883L.S.544
Anon (Lat.)Charter S546Birch 1893, no. 880L.S.546
Anon (Lat.)Charter S549Sawyer 1979, no. 8L.S.549
Anon (Lat.)Charter S552Birch 1893, no. 877L.S.552
Anon (Lat.)Charter S553Birch 1893, no. 887L.S.553
Anon (Lat.)Charter S554Birch 1893, no. 891L.S.554
Anon (Lat.)Charter S557Sawyer 1979, no. 11L.S.557
Anon (Lat.)Charter S558Birch 1893, no. 892L.S.558
Anon (Lat.)Charter S569Sawyer 1979, no. 13L.S.569
Anon (Lat.)Charter S572Birch 1893, no. 1346L.S.572
Anon (Lat.)Charter S573Kelly 1996, no. 20L.S.573
Anon (Lat.)Charter S580Birch 1893, no. 901L.S.580
Anon (Lat.)Charter S581Birch 1893, no. 975L.S.581
Anon (Lat.)Charter S586Birch 1893, no. 1030L.S.586
Anon (Lat.)Charter S587Birch 1893, no. 945L.S.587
Anon (Lat.)Charter S588Birch 1893, no. 946L.S.588
Anon (Lat.)Charter S591Birch 1893, no. 942L.S.591
Anon (Lat.)Charter S594Birch 1893, no. 935L.S.594
Anon (Lat.)Charter S600Birch 1893, no. 953L.S.600
Anon (Lat.)Charter S601O'Donovan 1988, no. 18L.S.601
Anon (Lat.)Charter S602Sawyer 1979, no. 17L.S.602
Anon (Lat.)Charter S609Birch 1893, no. 958L.S.609
Anon (Lat.)Charter S610Birch 1893, no. 927L.S.610
Anon (Lat.)Charter S612Birch 1893, no. 934L.S.612
Anon (Lat.)Charter S613Birch 1893, no. 974L.S.613
Anon (Lat.)Charter S615Birch 1893, no. 986L.S.615
Anon (Lat.)Charter S616Birch 1893, no. 930L.S.616
Anon (Lat.)Charter S617Birch 1893, no. 964L.S.617
Anon (Lat.)Charter S618Birch 1893, no. 965L.S.618
Anon (Lat.)Charter S619Birch 1893, no. 982L.S.619
Anon (Lat.)Charter S621Birch 1893, no. 955L.S.621
Anon (Lat.)Charter S623Sawyer 1979, no. 14L.S.623
Anon (Lat.)Charter S629Birch 1893, no. 921L.S.629
Anon (Lat.)Charter S630Kelly 1996, no. 21L.S.630
Anon (Lat.)Charter S632Kelly 1996, no. 19L.S.632
Anon (Lat.)Charter S638Birch 1893, no. 983L.S.638
Anon (Lat.)Charter S640Birch 1893, no. 1004L.S.640
Anon (Lat.)Charter S641Birch 1893, no. 988L.S.641
Anon (Lat.)Charter S646Birch 1893, no. 999L.S.646
Anon (Lat.)Charter S647Birch 1893, no. 998L.S.647
Anon (Lat.)Charter S653Birch 1893, no. 1027L.S.653
Anon (Lat.)Charter S654Birch 1893, no. 1028L.S.654
Anon (Lat.)Charter S658Birch 1893, no. 1046L.S.658
Anon (Lat.)Charter S659Birch 1893, no. 1029L.S.659
Anon (Lat.)Charter S663Birch 1893, no. 1002L.S.663
Anon (Lat.)Charter S664Birch 1893, no. 936L.S.664
Anon (Lat.)Charter S666Birch 1893, no. 956L.S.666
Anon (Lat.)Charter S667Birch 1893, no. 1041L.S.667
Anon (Lat.)Charter S671Campbell 1973, no. 29L.S.671
Anon (Lat.)Charter S673Birch 1893, no. 1047L.S.673
Anon (Lat.)Charter S674Birch 1893, no. 1043L.S.674
Anon (Lat.)Charter S679Birch 1893, no. 1044L.S.679
Anon (Lat.)Charter S681Birch 1893, no. 1052L.S.681
Anon (Lat.)Charter S682Birch 1893, no. 1058L.S.682
Anon (Lat.)Charter S685Birch 1893, no. 1053L.S.685
Anon (Lat.)Charter S687Birch 1893, no. 1055L.S.687
Anon (Lat.)Charter S689Birch 1893, no. 1080L.S.689
Anon (Lat.)Charter S692Birch 1893, no. 1074L.S.692
Anon (Lat.)Charter S695Birch 1893, no. 1076L.S.695
Anon (Lat.)Charter S697Birch 1893, no. 1072L.S.697
Anon (Lat.)Charter S699Birch 1893, no. 1068L.S.699
Anon (Lat.)Charter S700Birch 1893, no. 1095L.S.700
Anon (Lat.)Charter S702Birch 1893, no. 1085L.S.702
Anon (Lat.)Charter S704Rose-Troup 1929, 250-1L.S.704
Anon (Lat.)Charter S705Birch 1893, no. 1093L.S.705
Anon (Lat.)Charter S706Birch 1893, no. 1083L.S.706
Anon (Lat.)Charter S710Kelly 1996, no. 24L.S.710
Anon (Lat.)Charter S711Birch 1893, no. 1099L.S.711
Anon (Lat.)Charter S712Birch 1893, no. 1112L.S.712
Anon (Lat.)Charter S714Birch 1893, no. 1125L.S.714
Anon (Lat.)Charter S716Birch 1893, no. 1113L.S.716
Anon (Lat.)Charter S718Birch 1893, no. 1114L.S.718
Anon (Lat.)Charter S721Birch 1893, no. 1104L.S.721
Anon (Lat.)Charter S724Birch 1893, no. 1142L.S.724
Anon (Lat.)Charter S725Birch 1893, no. 1143L.S.725
Anon (Lat.)Charter S729Bates 1899, 40-1L.S.729
Anon (Lat.)Charter S732Birch 1893, no. 1171L.S.732
Anon (Lat.)Charter S733Birch 1893, no. 1172L.S.733
Anon (Lat.)Charter S734Birch 1893, no. 1169L.S.734
Anon (Lat.)Charter S736Birch 1893, no. 1165L.S.736
Anon (Lat.)Charter S737Birch 1893, no. 1189L.S.737
Anon (Lat.)Charter S739Birch 1893, no. 1175L.S.739
Anon (Lat.)Charter S740Bates 1899, 48L.S.740
Anon (Lat.)Charter S742Birch 1893, no. 1177L.S.742
Anon (Lat.)Charter S745Birch 1893, no. 1190L.S.745
Anon (Lat.)Charter S747Birch 1893, no. 1196L.S.747
Anon (Lat.)Charter S749Sawyer 1979, no. 22L.S.749
Anon (Lat.)Charter S754Birch 1893, no. 1200L.S.754
Anon (Lat.)Charter S761Birch 1893, no. 1227L.S.761
Anon (Lat.)Charter S763Birch 1893, no. 1217L.S.763
Anon (Lat.)Charter S767Birch 1893, no. 1216L.S.767
Anon (Lat.)Charter S770Birch 1893, no. 1231L.S.770
Anon (Lat.)Charter S771Birch 1893, no. 1230L.S.771
Anon (Lat.)Charter S777Birch 1893, no. 1257L.S.777
Anon (Lat.)Charter S781Birch 1893, no. 1269L.S.781
Anon (Lat.)Charter S786Birch 1893, no. 1282L.S.786
Anon (Lat.)Charter S794Birch 1893, no. 1305L.S.794
Anon (Lat.)Charter S801Birch 1893, no. 1312L.S.801
Anon (Lat.)Charter S812Birch 1893, no. 1187L.S.812
Anon (Lat.)Charter S814Birch 1893, no. 1150L.S.814
Anon (Lat.)Charter S817Birch 1893, no. 1147L.S.817
Anon (Lat.)Charter S818Birch 1893, no. 1159L.S.818
Anon (Lat.)Charter S819Birch 1893, no. 1151L.S.819
Anon (Lat.)Charter S820Birch 1893, no. 1307L.S.820
Anon (Lat.)Charter S822Birch 1893, no. 1156L.S.822
Anon (Lat.)Charter S824Birch 1893, no. 1152L.S.824
Anon (Lat.)Charter S825Birch 1893, no. 1149L.S.825
Anon (Lat.)Charter S827Birch 1893, no. 1158L.S.827
Anon (Lat.)Charter S829Kemble 1848, no. 1277L.S.829
Anon (Lat.)Charter S837Kemble 1845, no. 624L.S.837
Anon (Lat.)Charter S842Edwards 1866, 271-2L.S.842
Anon (Lat.)Charter S844Kemble 1845, no. 639L.S.844
Anon (Lat.)Charter S847Hart 1966, 186-7L.S.847
Anon (Lat.)Charter S850Kelly 1996, no. 28L.S.850
Anon (Lat.)Charter S851Kemble 1848, no. 1280L.S.851
Anon (Lat.)Charter S853Sawyer 1979, no. 24L.S.853
Anon (Lat.)Charter S855Kemble 1848, no. 1282L.S.855
Anon (Lat.)Charter S856Kemble 1845, no. 648L.S.856
Anon (Lat.)Charter S857Kemble 1845, no. 652L.S.857
Anon (Lat.)Charter S860Kemble 1845, no. 650L.S.860
Anon (Lat.)Charter S864Campbell 1973, no. 30L.S.864
Anon (Lat.)Charter S871Watkin 1956, no. 1303L.S.871
Anon (Lat.)Charter S875Kelly 1995, no. 30L.S.875
Anon (Lat.)Charter S876C&S no. 39L.S.876
Anon (Lat.)Charter S877Edwards 1866, 242-53L.S.877
Anon (Lat.)Charter S878Sawyer 1979, no. 27L.S.878
Anon (Lat.)Charter S879Sawyer 1979, no. 26L.S.879
Anon (Lat.)Charter S880Kemble 1845, no. 686L.S.880
Anon (Lat.)Charter S882Kemble 1845, no. 689L.S.882
Anon (Lat.)Charter S884Bates 1899, 43-5L.S.884
Anon (Lat.)Charter S886Kemble 1845, no. 692L.S.886
Anon (Lat.)Charter S888Kemble 1845, no. 696L.S.888
Anon (Lat.)Charter S889Kemble 1848, no. 1291L.S.889
Anon (Lat.)Charter S891Kemble 1845, no. 698L.S.891
Anon (Lat.)Charter S892Napier and Stevenson 1895, no. 8L.S.892
Anon (Lat.)Charter S893Campbell 1973, no. 32L.S.893
Anon (Lat.)Charter S895Kemble 1845, no. 701L.S.895
Anon (Lat.)Charter S896Kemble 1845, no. 703L.S.896
Anon (Lat.)Charter S899Kelly 1996, no. 29L.S.899
Anon (Lat.)Charter S901Kemble 1848, no. 1295L.S.901
Anon (Lat.)Charter S903Robinson 1911, 167-8L.S.903
Anon (Lat.)Charter S904Kemble 1845, no. 707L.S.904
Anon (Lat.)Charter S906Sawyer 1979, no. 28L.S.906
Anon (Lat.)Charter S911Salter 1907, 19-28L.S.911
Anon (Lat.)Charter S919Blake 1962a, 145-6L.S.919
Anon (Lat.)Charter S920Sawyer 1979, no. 31L.S.920
Anon (Lat.)Charter S922Sawyer 1979, no. 32L.S.922
Anon (Lat.)Charter S924Sawyer 1979, no. 34L.S.924
Anon (Lat.)Charter S925Kemble 1845, no. 720L.S.925
Anon (Lat.)Charter S926Campbell 1973, no. 33L.S.926
Anon (Lat.)Charter S928Sawyer 1979, no. 37L.S.928
Anon (Lat.)Charter S932Finberg 1972, no. 419L.S.932
Anon (Lat.)Charter S947Kemble 1845, no. 726L.S.947
Anon (Lat.)Charter S951Kemble 1846, no. 728L.S.951
Anon (Lat.)Charter S953Sanders 1881, Exeter 10L.S.953
Anon (Lat.)Charter S954Kemble 1846, no. 729L.S.954
Anon (Lat.)Charter S955Kelly 1996, no. 30L.S.955
Anon (Lat.)Charter S967Kemble 1846, no. 751L.S.967
Anon (Lat.)Charter S968Kemble 1846, no. 749L.S.968
Anon (Lat.)Charter S973Stevenson 1858, i.434-5L.S.973
Anon (Lat.)Charter S974Sanders 1884, 42L.S.974
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1006Kemble 1846, no. 774L.S.1006
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1013Kemble 1846, no. 783L.S.1013
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1019Kemble 1846, no. 787L.S.1019
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1020Kemble 1846, no. 792L.S.1020
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1022Kemble 1846, no. 793L.S.1022
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1023Kemble 1846, no. 796L.S.1023
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1028Harmer 1952, 538-9L.S.1028
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1033Kemble 1846, no. 810L.S.1033
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1038Kemble 1846, no. 817L.S.1038
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1048Kelly 1995, no. 34L.S.1048
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1058Kemble 1846, no. 797L.S.1058
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1165Birch 1885, no. 34L.S.1165
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1171Birch 1885, no. 81L.S.1171
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1177Birch 1885, no. 122L.S.1177
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1178Birch 1885, no. 261L.S.1178
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1181Birch 1885, no. 39L.S.1181
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1185Birch 1887, no. 1007L.S.1185
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1206Birch 1887, no. 640L.S.1206
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1223Kemble 1846, no. 938L.S.1223
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1252Birch 1885, no. 76L.S.1252
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1257Birch 1885, no. 241L.S.1257
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1290Birch 1893, no. 993L.S.1290
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1291Birch 1893, no. 997L.S.1291
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1308Birch 1893, no. 1166L.S.1308
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1341Kemble 1845, no. 625L.S.1341
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1345Kemble 1845, no. 637L.S.1345
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1356Kemble 1845, no. 667L.S.1356
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1358Kemble 1845, no. 666L.S.1358
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1381Kemble 1845, no. 695L.S.1381
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1384Kemble 1848, no. 1313L.S.1384
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1388Kemble 1845, no. 724L.S.1388
Anon (Lat.)Charter S1411Birch 1885, no. 220L.S.1411
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Anon (OE Heptateuch)/AelfricOld English HeptateuchCrawford 1922, 81-414C.B.8.1.4
Anon (OE Martyrology)Abdo, SennesKotzor 1981, 2, 163.7-164.3C.B.19.139
Anon (OE Martyrology)Adrian, NataliaKotzor 1981, 2, 28.1-29.12C.B.19.038
Anon (OE Martyrology)AethelburhKotzor 1981, 2, 228.4-13C.B.19.204
Anon (OE Martyrology)AethelthrythKotzor 1981, 2, 127.13-129.12C.B.19.110
Anon (OE Martyrology)AethelwaldKotzor 1981, 2, 58.1-11C.B.19.066
Anon (OE Martyrology)Afra, Hilaria etc.Kotzor 1981, 2, 173.12-175.4C.B.19.149
Anon (OE Martyrology)Agape, Chionia (Irene)Kotzor 1981, 2, 49.1-50.9C.B.19.059
Anon (OE Martyrology)AgnesKotzor 1981, 2, 22.14-23.12C.B.19.030
Anon (OE Martyrology)AidanKotzor 1981, 2, 195.7-196.2C.B.19.171
Anon (OE Martyrology)AlbanKotzor 1981, 2, 126.10-127.12C.B.19.109
Anon (OE Martyrology)AlexandriaKotzor 1981, 2, 66.3-67.7C.B.19.071
Anon (OE Martyrology)All SaintsKotzor 1981, 2, 243.7-244.7C.B.19.218
Anon (OE Martyrology)Ambrose of MilanKotzor 1981, 2, 50.10-51.13C.B.19.060
Anon (OE Martyrology)Ananias, Petrus etc.Kotzor 1981, 2, 20.7-21.10C.B.19.026
Anon (OE Martyrology)AnastasiaKotzor 1981, 2, 2.17-3.12C.B.19.002
Anon (OE Martyrology)AnastasiusKotzor 1981, 2, 24.9-20C.B.19.032
Anon (OE Martyrology)Anatolia, AudaxKotzor 1981, 2, 145.12-146.15C.B.19.124
Anon (OE Martyrology)Andochius, Thyrsus, FelixKotzor 1981, 2, 218.1-15C.B.19.195
Anon (OE Martyrology)AndrewKotzor 1981, 2, 260.1-19C.B.19.233
Anon (OE Martyrology)Annunciation DayKotzor 1981, 2, 43.10-44.4C.B.19.056
Anon (OE Martyrology)AntoninusKotzor 1981, 2, 197.1-198.5C.B.19.173
Anon (OE Martyrology)Antony the HermitKotzor 1981, 2, 17.19-18.23C.B.19.022
Anon (OE Martyrology)ApollinarisKotzor 1981, 2, 158.1-11C.B.19.134
Anon (OE Martyrology)ArseniusKotzor 1981, 2, 154.9-155.4C.B.19.131
Anon (OE Martyrology)Artemius, Candida, PaulinaKotzor 1981, 2, 116.5-14C.B.19.099
Anon (OE Martyrology)Assumption of the Virgin MaryKotzor 1981, 2, 181.1-14C.B.19.156
Anon (OE Martyrology)AthanasiusKotzor 1981, 2, 74.1-76.3C.B.19.075
Anon (OE Martyrology)Augustine of CanterburyKotzor 1981, 2, 109.3-11C.B.19.092
Anon (OE Martyrology)Augustine of HippoKotzor 1981, 2, 191.11-192.4C.B.19.167
Anon (OE Martyrology)Babylas etc.Kotzor 1981, 2, 25.9-21C.B.19.034
Anon (OE Martyrology)BarnabasKotzor 1981, 2, 118.10-119.6C.B.19.101
Anon (OE Martyrology)BartholomewKotzor 1981, 2, 186.7-188.7C.B.19.162
Anon (OE Martyrology)BasillaKotzor 1981, 2, 107.7-108.11C.B.19.090
Anon (OE Martyrology)Benedict BiscopKotzor 1981, 2, 14.20-15.14C.B.19.017
Anon (OE Martyrology)Benedict of NursiaKotzor 1981, 2, 39.7-40.15C.B.19.051
Anon (OE Martyrology)BenignusKotzor 1981, 2, 245.3-246.5C.B.19.220
Anon (OE Martyrology)BertinusKotzor 1981, 2, 200.4-201.8C.B.19.178
Anon (OE Martyrology)CaesariusKotzor 1981, 2, 244.8-245.2C.B.19.219
Anon (OE Martyrology)CassianKotzor 1981, 2, 180.8-15C.B.19.155
Anon (OE Martyrology)CassiusKotzor 1981, 2, 135.3-136.7C.B.19.115
Anon (OE Martyrology)CeciliaKotzor 1981, 2, 253.22-255.6C.B.19.227
Anon (OE Martyrology)CeddKotzor 1981, 2, 239.8-15C.B.19.214
Anon (OE Martyrology)CeolfrithKotzor 1981, 2, 219.1-220.7C.B.19.196
Anon (OE Martyrology)ChadKotzor 1981, 2, 27.7-20C.B.19.037
Anon (OE Martyrology)Christ's Descent into HellKotzor 1981, 2, 45.10-47.6C.B.19.057
Anon (OE Martyrology)ChristinaKotzor 1981, 2, 152.8-154.8C.B.19.130
Anon (OE Martyrology)ChristopherKotzor 1981, 2, 68.7-71.12C.B.19.073
Anon (OE Martyrology)Chrysanthus, DariaKotzor 1981, 2, 258.11-259.24C.B.19.232
Anon (OE Martyrology)ChrysogonusKotzor 1981, 2, 257.1-17C.B.19.230
Anon (OE Martyrology)ColumbaKotzor 1981, 2, 9.1-13C.B.19.008
Anon (OE Martyrology)Columba of IonaKotzor 1981, 2, 117.1-9C.B.19.100
Anon (OE Martyrology)Cosmas, DamianKotzor 1981, 2, 221.6-223.6C.B.19.198
Anon (OE Martyrology)CrucifixionKotzor 1981, 2, 44.4-45.9C.B.19.056a
Anon (OE Martyrology)CuthbertKotzor 1981, 2, 36.7-37.16C.B.19.049
Anon (OE Martyrology)CyprianKotzor 1981, 2, 206.3-207.6C.B.19.184
Anon (OE Martyrology)Cyricus, JulittaKotzor 1981, 2, 148.12-151.8C.B.19.127
Anon (OE Martyrology)CyrillaKotzor 1981, 2, 241.1-8C.B.19.216
Anon (OE Martyrology)Dionysius, Rusticus, EleutheriusKotzor 1981, 2, 227.1-228.3C.B.19.203
Anon (OE Martyrology)Discovery of St Michael's ChurchKotzor 1981, 2, 96.3-8C.B.19.082
Anon (OE Martyrology)Discovery of the Body of St StephenKotzor 1981, 2, 169.12-171.3C.B.19.145
Anon (OE Martyrology)Discovery of the Head of St John the BaptistKotzor 1981, 2, 26.13-18C.B.19.036
Anon (OE Martyrology)Discovery of the Holy CrossKotzor 1981, 2, 78.10-80.3C.B.19.077
Anon (OE Martyrology)Donatus, HilarinusKotzor 1981, 2, 173.1-11C.B.19.148
Anon (OE Martyrology)EadberhtKotzor 1981, 2, 90.5-94.8C.B.19.080
Anon (OE Martyrology)EastorwineKotzor 1981, 2, 30.7-25C.B.19.040
Anon (OE Martyrology)Eleutherius, AntiaKotzor 1981, 2, 54.10-56.18C.B.19.065
Anon (OE Martyrology)EmerentianaKotzor 1981, 2, 24.21-25.8C.B.19.033
Anon (OE Martyrology)EmilianaKotzor 1981, 2, 11.1-9C.B.19.011
Anon (OE Martyrology)Epiphany, Baptism of Christ, etc.Kotzor 1981, 2, 11.10-12.9C.B.19.012
Anon (OE Martyrology)ErasmusKotzor 1981, 2, 112.10-114.13C.B.19.097
Anon (OE Martyrology)EugeniaKotzor 1981, 2, 3.13-5.10C.B.19.003
Anon (OE Martyrology)EulaliaKotzor 1981, 2, 261.8-262.10C.B.19.234
Anon (OE Martyrology)EuphemiaKotzor 1981, 2, 210.3-211.11C.B.19.187
Anon (OE Martyrology)EuplusKotzor 1981, 2, 178.5-179.3C.B.19.153
Anon (OE Martyrology)Eusebius of VercelliKotzor 1981, 2, 167.7-168.2C.B.19.142
Anon (OE Martyrology)Fausta, EvilasiusKotzor 1981, 2, 212.3-8C.B.19.189
Anon (OE Martyrology)FelicityKotzor 1981, 2, 256.13-26C.B.19.229
Anon (OE Martyrology)FelixKotzor 1981, 2, 15.19-16.7C.B.19.019
Anon (OE Martyrology)Felix of ThibiucaKotzor 1981, 2, 194.1-195.6C.B.19.170
Anon (OE Martyrology)Ferreolus, FerrucioKotzor 1981, 2, 121.6-122.4C.B.19.103
Anon (OE Martyrology)Forty Soldiers of SebasteaKotzor 1981, 2, 31.1-26C.B.19.041
Anon (OE Martyrology)FursaKotzor 1981, 2, 16.18-17.18C.B.19.021
Anon (OE Martyrology)GenesiusKotzor 1981, 2, 238.7-14C.B.19.212
Anon (OE Martyrology)Genesius the ComedianKotzor 1981, 2, 188.8-189.4C.B.19.163
Anon (OE Martyrology)GeorgeKotzor 1981, 2, 58.12-62.7C.B.19.067
Anon (OE Martyrology)GermanusKotzor 1981, 2, 167.1-6C.B.19.141
Anon (OE Martyrology)Gervase, ProtaseKotzor 1981, 2, 124.5-125.4C.B.19.107
Anon (OE Martyrology)Gregory NazianzenKotzor 1981, 2, 35.1-9C.B.19.047
Anon (OE Martyrology)GuthlacKotzor 1981, 2, 52.13-53.10C.B.19.063
Anon (OE Martyrology)HermesKotzor 1981, 2, 190.4-191.10C.B.19.166
Anon (OE Martyrology)HigebaldKotzor 1981, 2, 264.14-18C.B.19.237
Anon (OE Martyrology)HilarionKotzor 1981, 2, 236.1-238.6C.B.19.211
Anon (OE Martyrology)HildKotzor 1981, 2, 252.19-253.21C.B.19.226
Anon (OE Martyrology)HippolytusKotzor 1981, 2, 179.4-180.7C.B.19.154
Anon (OE Martyrology)Irenaeus, AbundiusKotzor 1981, 2, 189.5-11C.B.19.164
Anon (OE Martyrology)IreneKotzor 1981, 2, 51.14-52.7C.B.19.061
Anon (OE Martyrology)James the GreaterKotzor 1981, 2, 158.12-159.14C.B.19.135
Anon (OE Martyrology)James the LessKotzor 1981, 2, 125.5-126.9C.B.19.108
Anon (OE Martyrology)Januarius etc.Kotzor 1981, 2, 211.12-212.2C.B.19.188
Anon (OE Martyrology)JeromeKotzor 1981, 2, 224.8-225.1C.B.19.200
Anon (OE Martyrology)John and PaulKotzor 1981, 2, 133.18-134.10C.B.19.113
Anon (OE Martyrology)John of BeverleyKotzor 1981, 2, 94.9-96.2C.B.19.081
Anon (OE Martyrology)John the EvangelistKotzor 1981, 2, 6.16-7.13C.B.19.005
Anon (OE Martyrology)Julian, BasilissaKotzor 1981, 2, 12.10-13.2C.B.19.013
Anon (OE Martyrology)Justina, CyprianKotzor 1981, 2, 220.8-221.5C.B.19.197
Anon (OE Martyrology)JustusKotzor 1981, 2, 231.9-233.9C.B.19.209
Anon (OE Martyrology)LawrenceKotzor 1981, 2, 176.1-177.4C.B.19.151
Anon (OE Martyrology)Lucia, AuceiaKotzor 1981, 2, 132.12-133.17C.B.19.112
Anon (OE Martyrology)LucyKotzor 1981, 2, 262.11-263.24C.B.19.235
Anon (OE Martyrology)LukeKotzor 1981, 2, 230.1-13C.B.19.207
Anon (OE Martyrology)LupusKotzor 1981, 2, 162.5-163.6C.B.19.138
Anon (OE Martyrology)MamasKotzor 1981, 2, 182.1-183.11C.B.19.157
Anon (OE Martyrology)MamilianKotzor 1981, 2, 208.1-210.2C.B.19.186
Anon (OE Martyrology)Marcellinus, PeterKotzor 1981, 2, 114.14-116.4C.B.19.098
Anon (OE Martyrology)MarcellusKotzor 1981, 2, 198.9-199.14C.B.19.176
Anon (OE Martyrology)MarinaKotzor 1981, 2, 141.13-144.15C.B.19.122
Anon (OE Martyrology)MarkKotzor 1981, 2, 64.3-66.2C.B.19.070
Anon (OE Martyrology)Mark, MarcellianKotzor 1981, 2, 123.1-124.4C.B.19.106
Anon (OE Martyrology)MartialKotzor 1981, 2, 136.8-137.10C.B.19.116
Anon (OE Martyrology)Martin of ToursKotzor 1981, 2, 250.1-251.5C.B.19.223
Anon (OE Martyrology)Mary MagdalenKotzor 1981, 2, 156.1-157.16C.B.19.133
Anon (OE Martyrology)MatthewKotzor 1981, 2, 212.9-214.8C.B.19.190
Anon (OE Martyrology)Maurice and the Theban LegionKotzor 1981, 2, 214.9-215.6C.B.19.191
Anon (OE Martyrology)Mennas, HeliodorusKotzor 1981, 2, 251.6-12C.B.19.224
Anon (OE Martyrology)Nazarius, CelsusKotzor 1981, 2, 161.12-162.4C.B.19.137
Anon (OE Martyrology)Octave of Christ and Mary (Circumcision of Christ)Kotzor 1981, 2, 10.1-18C.B.19.009
Anon (OE Martyrology)OmerKotzor 1981, 2, 203.5-204.9C.B.19.181
Anon (OE Martyrology)OswaldKotzor 1981, 2, 171.4-172.5C.B.19.146
Anon (OE Martyrology)PancrasKotzor 1981, 2, 102.3-16C.B.19.086
Anon (OE Martyrology)PatrickKotzor 1981, 2, 33.1-10C.B.19.044
Anon (OE Martyrology)Paul the HermitKotzor 1981, 2, 14.1-19C.B.19.016
Anon (OE Martyrology)PegaKotzor 1981, 2, 13.13-18C.B.19.015
Anon (OE Martyrology)PelagiaKotzor 1981, 2, 233.10-235.17C.B.19.210
Anon (OE Martyrology)PentecostKotzor 1981, 2, 104.4-105.11C.B.19.088
Anon (OE Martyrology)Perpetua, FelicityKotzor 1981, 2, 29.13-30.6C.B.19.039
Anon (OE Martyrology)Peter and PaulKotzor 1981, 2, 134.11-135.2C.B.19.114
Anon (OE Martyrology)PetronillaKotzor 1981, 2, 110.5-111.9C.B.19.094
Anon (OE Martyrology)PhilipKotzor 1981, 2, 72.8-73.11C.B.19.074
Anon (OE Martyrology)PhocasKotzor 1981, 2, 147.10-148.11C.B.19.126
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope Alexander I, Eventius, TheodulusKotzor 1981, 2, 76.4-78.9C.B.19.076
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope AnterosKotzor 1981, 2, 10.19-25C.B.19.010
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope Callistus IKotzor 1981, 2, 229.1-9C.B.19.205
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope Clement IKotzor 1981, 2, 255.7-256.12C.B.19.228
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope Cornelius etc.Kotzor 1981, 2, 205.8-206.2C.B.19.183
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope FabianKotzor 1981, 2, 21.20-22.7C.B.19.028
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope Gregory the GreatKotzor 1981, 2, 32.1-12C.B.19.042
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope John IKotzor 1981, 2, 105.12-107.6C.B.19.089
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope MarcellusKotzor 1981, 2, 16.8-17C.B.19.020
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope MarkKotzor 1981, 2, 226.6-10C.B.19.202
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope Silvester IKotzor 1981, 2, 8.7-15C.B.19.007
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope Sixtus IIKotzor 1981, 2, 172.6-14C.B.19.147
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope Stephen IKotzor 1981, 2, 168.3-9C.B.19.143
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope TelesphorusKotzor 1981, 2, 13.3-12C.B.19.014
Anon (OE Martyrology)Pope Urban IKotzor 1981, 2, 108.12-109.2C.B.19.091
Anon (OE Martyrology)Processus, MartinianusKotzor 1981, 2, 138.1-13C.B.19.117
Anon (OE Martyrology)ProcopiusKotzor 1981, 2, 140.12-141.12C.B.19.121
Anon (OE Martyrology)Protus, HyacinthKotzor 1981, 2, 204.10-205.7C.B.19.182
Anon (OE Martyrology)QuentinKotzor 1981, 2, 241.9-242.14C.B.19.217
Anon (OE Martyrology)ResurrectionKotzor 1981, 2, 47.7-48.9C.B.19.058
Anon (OE Martyrology)Rogation DayKotzor 1981, 2, 63.9-64.2C.B.19.069
Anon (OE Martyrology)Rogation DaysKotzor 1981, 2, 80.4-82.14C.B.19.078
Anon (OE Martyrology)RomanusKotzor 1981, 2, 175.5-12C.B.19.150
Anon (OE Martyrology)Rufina, SecundaKotzor 1981, 2, 147.1-9C.B.19.125
Anon (OE Martyrology)SaturninusKotzor 1981, 2, 257.18-258.10C.B.19.231
Anon (OE Martyrology)SebastianKotzor 1981, 2, 21.11-19C.B.19.027
Anon (OE Martyrology)Simeon StylitesKotzor 1981, 2, 159.15-161.11C.B.19.136
Anon (OE Martyrology)Simon, ThaddeusKotzor 1981, 2, 240.1-13C.B.19.215
Anon (OE Martyrology)Sixteen SoldiersKotzor 1981, 2, 239.1-7C.B.19.213
Anon (OE Martyrology)SosiusKotzor 1981, 2, 215.7-15C.B.19.192
Anon (OE Martyrology)Speratus and the Scillitan MartyrsKotzor 1981, 2, 151.9-13C.B.19.128
Anon (OE Martyrology)Speusippus, Eleusippus, MeleusippusKotzor 1981, 2, 18.24-19.26C.B.19.023
Anon (OE Martyrology)StephenKotzor 1981, 2, 5.11-6.15C.B.19.004
Anon (OE Martyrology)Summer SolsticeKotzor 1981, 2, 131.13-132.11C.B.19.111a
Anon (OE Martyrology)SymphorianKotzor 1981, 2, 184.4-185.13C.B.19.160
Anon (OE Martyrology)Symphorosa and her Seven SonsKotzor 1981, 2, 152.1-7C.B.19.129
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Ascension of ChristKotzor 1981, 2, 84.1-90.4C.B.19.079
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of AprilKotzor 1981, 2, 48.12-14C.B.19.058b
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of AugustKotzor 1981, 2, 164.7-14C.B.19.139b
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of DecemberKotzor 1981, 2, 261.1-7C.B.19.233b
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of JanuaryKotzor 1981, 2, 9.14-18C.B.19.008a
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of JulyKotzor 1981, 2, 137.14-20C.B.19.116b
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of JuneKotzor 1981, 2, 111.13-112.3C.B.19.094b
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of MarchKotzor 1981, 2, 27.4-6C.B.19.036b
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of MayKotzor 1981, 2, 72.1-7C.B.19.073b
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of NovemberKotzor 1981, 2, 243.1-6C.B.19.217b
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of OctoberKotzor 1981, 2, 225.4-7C.B.19.200b
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Beginning of SeptemberKotzor 1981, 2, 196.6-10C.B.19.171b
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Birth of ChristKotzor 1981, 2, 1.1-2.16C.B.19.001
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Birth of St John the BaptistKotzor 1981, 2, 130.1-131.12C.B.19.111
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Birth of St MaryKotzor 1981, 2, 201.12-203.4C.B.19.180
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Conception of St John the BaptistKotzor 1981, 2, 217.3-14C.B.19.194
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Consecration of St Michael's ChurchKotzor 1981, 2, 223.7-224.7C.B.19.199
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Conversion of St. PaulKotzor 1981, 2, 26.1-12C.B.19.035
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Death of St John the BaptistKotzor 1981, 2, 192.5-193.11C.B.19.168
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Fifth Day of CreationKotzor 1981, 2, 40.16-41.14C.B.19.052
Anon (OE Martyrology)The First Day of CreationKotzor 1981, 2, 33.11C.B.19.045
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Four Crowned OnesKotzor 1981, 2, 248.5-249.16C.B.19.222
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Fourth Day of CreationKotzor 1981, 2, 38.1-39.6C.B.19.050
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Holy InnocentsKotzor 1981, 2, 7.14-8.6C.B.19.006
Anon (OE Martyrology)The MachabeesKotzor 1981, 2, 165.1-166.18C.B.19.140
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Second Day of CreationKotzor 1981, 2, 34.1-10C.B.19.046
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Seven BrothersKotzor 1981, 2, 145.1-11C.B.19.123
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Seventh Day of CreationKotzor 1981, 2, 43.7-9C.B.19.055
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Sixth Day of Creation, Adam and EveKotzor 1981, 2, 41.15-42.14C.B.19.053
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Third Day of CreationKotzor 1981, 2, 35.10-36.6C.B.19.048
Anon (OE Martyrology)The Two HewaldsKotzor 1981, 2, 225.8-226.5C.B.19.201
Anon (OE Martyrology)TheclaKotzor 1981, 2, 216.1-217.2C.B.19.193
Anon (OE Martyrology)TheodoretKotzor 1981, 2, 42.15-43.6C.B.19.054
Anon (OE Martyrology)Theodota and her Three SonsKotzor 1981, 2, 168.10-169.11C.B.19.144
Anon (OE Martyrology)ThomasKotzor 1981, 2, 264.19-266.14C.B.19.238
Anon (OE Martyrology)TiburtiusKotzor 1981, 2, 177.5-178.4C.B.19.152
Anon (OE Martyrology)TimothyKotzor 1981, 2, 185.14-186.6C.B.19.161
Anon (OE Martyrology)TranquillinusKotzor 1981, 2, 140.1-11C.B.19.120
Anon (OE Martyrology)TryphoniaKotzor 1981, 2, 231.1-8C.B.19.208
Anon (OE Martyrology)UrsicinusKotzor 1981, 2, 264.1-13C.B.19.236
Anon (OE Martyrology)ValerianKotzor 1981, 2, 207.7-14C.B.19.185
Anon (OE Martyrology)Valerianus, Tiburtius, MaximusKotzor 1981, 2, 53.11-54.9C.B.19.064
Anon (OE Martyrology)Victor MaurusKotzor 1981, 2, 96.9-100.4C.B.19.083
Anon (OE Martyrology)Victor of Marseilles etc.Kotzor 1981, 2, 155.5-12C.B.19.132
Anon (OE Martyrology)Victor, CoronaKotzor 1981, 2, 103.1-3C.B.19.087
Anon (OE Martyrology)VincentKotzor 1981, 2, 23.13-24.8C.B.19.031
Anon (OE Martyrology)VitalisKotzor 1981, 2, 67.8-68.6C.B.19.072
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Wulfstan of YorkHomily 21Bethurum 1957C.B.2.4.3