By pressing the Texts tab, one can start search for a text. The search can be narrowed down by (parts of) the author, title, edition, and reference. By default, texts are listed that act as targets for at least one source. Alternatively, one can search for texts that act as sources for at least one target. One can also combine source and target texts. The list of texts can be sorted by author, by title, by edition, or by reference.

Sources and targets

Once a text is selected, more information on that text is shown, followed by sources or targets, or both, as desired. For each passage, the left-hand side shows the line number or other identifying information in the selected text, preceding the relevant quote. Above or below this quote is shown the quote from the relevant source or target. The source quote is always the one at the top and the target quote is the one at the bottom. The right-hand side shows the line number or other identifying information for a passage in the relevant source or target, together with the author, title and edition. By hovering over a sigil (in red), its meaning is shown.

By pressing a down-arrow of a passage, more information is shown, including at least the contributor and the date of creation of the record. All such information for all passages is expanded by pressing the down-arrow above the table.


By pressing the Bibliography tab, one can start search for a bibliographic reference. The search can be narrowed down by a string from the details of the reference.

All information is interlinked. By pressing on the title of a text, more details on that text are shown, together with sources or targets as appropriate. By pressing on a bibliographic reference, all texts related to that reference are listed.


By pressing the pin of a quotation, it is kept in memory. The list of pins is preserved between sessions. The pinned quotations are listed below the Pins tab.


Tables can be downloaded in PDF format by pressing the print button. In most modern browsers, a print dialogue will appear.


Tables can also be downloaded in CSV format by pressing the CSV button.