Our project members have created a database of untranslated primary sources for the long tenth century, which is available for download as an excel spreadsheet:
Primary Source List for Long Tenth Century Apr 17.

We have also collected a bibliography of primary sources that have been translated into English, French, German and Spanish, arranged both alphabetically and by region. You can find these in the drop-down menu above.

Below you can also find a range of blog posts that feature new translations of primary sources by members of the project and other academics as well as blog posts that provide context and background to individual primary texts for tenth- and eleventh-century history.

Charters and Legal Texts:

Latin charters in tenth-century England

Charter of Conrad II to Bishop Walter of Speyer (MGH DD KII 41)

Parts of a Charter

Henry the Fowler frees the Priest Baldmunt from Slavery, 11 August 926 (with new translation)

Decretum Hadriani (with new translation)

Liber Iudicum Popularis

Conrad I’s Diploma for the Bishopric of Church (912)


Flodoard of Reim’s Annals

Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim’s Primordia de coenobiis Gandesheimensis

The Quedlinburg Annals

Regino of Prüm’s Chronicle

The Chronicle of Alfonso III

Odorannus of Sens, Origins, Deeds and Death of the Domina Queen Theodechild (with new translation)

Liturgical texts:

Regino of Prüm’s guide for episcopal visitations

Trier liturgical manuscript c.1000 (Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, cod. Guelf 1109 Helmst.)

Monastic manuscripts in Catalonia

Abbo of Saint-Germain’s sermons


Letters of Rather of Verona

A Letter from Abbot Odilo of Cluny


Genealogical Diagrams