Welcome to After Empire: Using and Not Using the Past in the Crisis of the Carolingian World, c. 900-1050!

After Empire is a three year research project which aims to understand the tenth century on its own terms. Funded by HERA, the project engages scholars and associated partners from Germany, Austria, Spain and the United Kingdom, researching how people in the tenth and early eleventh century dealt with crisis and change in the political order.  We also intend to open up the period to a broader audience by providing online resources for researchers, teachers and general readers in collaboration with museums, archives and schoolteachers.

The website consists of two main parts: information about the UNUP project and our research, including news posts and blog articles on tenth- and early eleventh-century history; and resources for those interested in studying and teaching the history of this period (coming soon).

Are you working on tenth- and early eleventh-century history yourself? Want to write for us? We’re happy to consider submissions for the site! If you want to publish a post on our site, here are the guidelines for submissions. You can also get in touch with us at unup10c@st-andrews.ac.uk.