We are delighted to be working with a range of associated partners across the project, collaborating on holding workshops and events in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and Spain. Our partners are:

You can find reports on the events we have held in association with our partners below:

Staatsbibliothek, Berlin: After Empire hosted its inaugural conference in Berlin in May 2017, which included a visit to the Staatsbibliothek to hear presentations on specific manuscripts and have the chance to examine them together – read more.

Historical Association, London: After working with members of the Historical Association at the Exeter project meeting, our UK-based project members held a Continuing Professional Development workshop in association with the Historical Association for secondary school teachers held in York in June 2018 – read more.

Exeter Cathedral, Exeter: At its Exeter Project Meeting, the After Empire project met with the librarian of Exeter Cathedral to explore the Cathedral’s archive and examine manuscripts – read more.

Secretariat Interdiocesà de Custòdia i Promoció de l’Art Sagrat de Catalunya (SICPAS), Barcelona: At the Barcelona project meeting and synergy event, the Barcelona research team worked with SICPAS to allow members and invited academics to examine manuscripts held in diverse collections and archives in Barcelona and Vic – read more.