Teaching Resources and Articles

The Utrecht Psalter – An animated website featuring videos and introductions to the creation and afterlife of the famous Utrecht Psalter. Features links to the entire digitised manuscript, animated videos and case studies drawing out the themes and influences on the artwork in the manuscript.

Making Peace: Scandinavian Migrants in the Reign of King Alfred– A discussion of the key sources for the viking migration and attacks of the ninth century by Professor Dame Janet Nelson, via the Our Migration Story project. Questions and discussion points for students follow the main text.

England’s Migrant King: Knut of Denmark – Discussion of the Danish Conquest of England and its two Danish kings, Swein Forkbeard and Cnut the Great, by Dr Pragya Vohra, via the Our Migration Story project. Questions and discussion points for students follow the main text.

The Norman Conquest: Women, Marriage, Invasion – Discussion of the social and cultural impact of the Norman Conquest on Britain by Professor Elisabeth van Houts, via the Our Migration Story project.

Historical Association Lessons on Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings – There is a plethora of articles, introductory guides and lesson plans on Viking and Anglo-Saxon history on the Historical Association website. Much of the content is only available if you have a Historical Association membership.

Historical Association Exploring and Teaching Medieval History in Schools – This publication from the Historical Association aims to show the sophistication of life and ideas in the Middle Ages – and so explain why the people of the period deserve greater respect than they are often accorded for the ways in which they dealt with the issues and dilemmas they faced in all aspects of their lives.

Section 1 contains articles by historians introducing the period and its sources. We look at three central issues of medieval life and thought, four topics now widely taught at GCSE and finally two probably unfamiliar topics that reveal a great deal about the people of the fifteenth century.

The rest of the publication consists of articles on the teaching of the Middle Ages, dealing with broad issues linked to planning for KS3 and GCSE. We also explore how work on the Middle Ages can help students understand more about the process of studying history, and look at ways of developing a more representative coverage of the period. Finally there are articles showing how teachers new to the period have been able to tackle teaching medieval history at A-level successfully.