The Ethics of Engagement: research, knowledge exchange, and the military sector

Tuesday 11th December, 2018, in The Byre Theatre Studio, St Andrews

This short workshop brought together interested academics to debate the opportunities, challenges, goals and ethical issues involved in building collaborative relationships between researchers and military personnel/organisations/campaign groups. We also discussed knowledge-exchange and research-outreach on military matters more generally (e.g. the glorification of war, the militarisation of political rhetoric, definitions of civil war and genocide, conflict resolution, the promotion of peace). Participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas, without any pressure to find consensus. The discussion opened with short presentations by four academic staff (Dr Roddy Brett, Dr Kenneth Mavor, Dr Laura Mills, and Prof. Ali Watson) with recent experience of knowledge-exchange/research-outreach in military contexts or on military topics. One aim of the workshop was to support researchers conducting/negotiating knowledge-exchange partnerships at present; another was to help researchers to think creatively and ethically about impact opportunities in the future.

For a summary of the discussion, click here.

This workshop was generously funded by the School of Classics at the University of St Andrews.