Our first major publication will be an edited volume of specially commissioned chapters, entitled (provisionally) Visualising War: Interplay between Battle Narratives across Antiquity. Reflecting the two main elements of our project, this volume will (a) provide critical, up-to-date discussions of key methodological issues relating to the study of narrative interplay and the evolution of cultural discourses, and (b) examine instances of narrative interaction between representations of battle in all sorts of genres and media from the 9th century BCE to the 6th century CE. Ranging across Greek, Roman, Jewish, early Christian and ancient Near Eastern material, the volume will illuminate gaps in interaction as well as connections and dialogue. Above all, it will examine the far-reaching impact battle narratives from different periods and places, in particular the ways in which they helped to canonise certain ideals/ideals about war and military behaviours.

The project’s PIs are also engaged in separate research projects of their own which feed into the Visualising War research project; and the same is true of other members of the Visualising War Research Group.