Staging War Stories

19th March, 2-4pm

This online event is open to anyone who is involved in theatre, film, dance or documentary-making. We would love you to be part of our conversation between researchers and practitioners about the ways in which war is (or should be) represented in these media.

The conversation will be led by theatre makers from NMT Automatics, who have been working with the Visualising War research group to explore the different ways in which war gets depicted on stage and screen, and the impact which those representations can have on individuals and communities.

Among other questions, we will be considering:

  • Why do we dramatize war? And how can (or should) we do it?
  • Why do we watch dramatizations of war?
  • What expectations do audiences have of war stories in film and on stage?
  • What challenges do writers, actors, directors and producers face when dramatizing war in different media?
  • What responsibilities do we have when dramatizing war for public consumption?
  • What impact do dramatizations of war have on how people experience, understand and even conduct it?

NMT Automatics will share excerpts of their current work-in-progress as prompts for discussion, and participants will be invited to share their experiences and ideas in response.  Discussion will be open and collaborative, offering networking opportunities as well as creative thinking space across different art forms.

If you would like to join us, please register here. The link to join the online event will be emailed out to those who register a few days in advance. For more information, please contact the Visualising War team on