Upcoming events:

What kind of film would YOU make about migration: a family-friendly workshop exploring the role that films play in shaping habits of visualising forced migration; 13th May 2022, Glasgow

Visualising the Rupture of Forced Migration: a one-day workshop to help launch an exhibition of new artwork by Diana Forster, reflecting on ‘the long shadow of war’ and how we visualise the loss, journeying and home-making of victims of forced displacement, past and present; February 2023.

Children’s Habits of Visualising War: a two-day hybrid workshop, exploring the habits of visualising war that children and young people are encouraged to form as they grow up; June 2023.

Past events:

From Achilles to Afghanistan: historic war stories and modern conflicts: two interactive online conversations with military and civilian communities, exploring how historic war stories influence our understanding of conflict in the modern world; 6th and 7th October, 2021

Staging War Stories, 2-4pm 19th March 2021: an interactive event for anyone involved in theatre, film, dance or documentary making to discuss how war gets dramatised on stage and screen

Love, War, Myth, Reality; August 19th, 2020: workshop with NMT Automatics for Army@TheFringe

Visualising War in Different Media: interplay and intervention; April 8th, 2019: an immersive workshop, with follow-up concert, exploring the power of different media to generate different responses to war

Lunchtime discussion: December 3, 2018 The Ethics of Engagement: research, knowledge exchange, and the military sector

Interdisciplinary colloquium: May 17-18, 2018
Visualising War in Different Disciplines: interdisciplinary interplay

Conference: June 14-15, 2017
Visualising War: Interplay between Battle Narratives across Antiquity