Episode Schedule

  1. Introducing the Visualising War Project
  2. Digging into the Visualising War Project: roundtable
  3. Never Such Innocence with Lady Lucy French: companion blog
  4. Art and War with Diana Forster: companion blog
  5. Capturing Conflict on Camera with Hugh Kinsella Cunningham: companion blog
  6. Reading Trajan’s Column with Jon Coulston
  7. Iraqi Women, Art and War with Rana Ibrahim: companion blog
  8. The Imperial War Museums Institute with Eleanor Head
  9. Why We Fight: causes of conflict with Mike Martin
  10. 5 Soldiers on Stage with dancer and choreographer Rosie Kay
  11. Anatomy of a Soldier with author and artist Harry Parker
  12. Soldier On and the Soldiers’ Arts Academy with actor and writer Jonathan Guy Lewis
  13. Letters That You Will Not Get: Women’s Voices from the Great War, with librettist Susan Werbe and composer Kirsten Volness: companion blog
  14. War Gaming in a Brave New World, with James Fielder, Paul Vebber, Yuna Huh Wong and Felipe Cruvinel: companion blog
  15. Let’s Play: War, from Rome’s Gladiators to Warhammer, with Aggie Hirst, Alice König, Aristides A. Foley and Katarina Birkedal
  16. War Writing from Antiquity to the 21st Century with Professor of English Literature Kate McLoughlin
  17. War in Children’s Books with Jill Calder, James Robertson and Jim Hutcheson: companion blog Part 1 and Part 2
  18. Ancient Warfare Magazine with Jasper Oorthuys and Murray Dahm
  19. Staging Ancient and Modern War Stories with NMT Automatics
  20. Achilles on Stage with Ewan Downie
  21. The Institute for War and Peace Reporting with Anthony Borden
  22. War Documentaries with Sam Taplin
  23. Reading and Treating War Wounds with Emily Mayhew
  24. Afghanistan: Past, Present and Future
  25. Visualising Peace with Frank Möller
  26. Warfare in the Digital Age with Donatella Della Ratta
  27. Documenting war and promoting peace in Mosul with Omar Mohammed / Mosul Eye
  28. War, Knowledge and Narrative from Napoleon to Today, with Anders Engberg-Pedersen
  29. Gallipoli to the Somme: musical responses to WW1 with Kate Kennedy and Anthony Ritchie
  30. Representing (and re-presenting) historical conflicts in the museum space with Sir Hew Strachan, James Taylor, Vikki Hawkins and Kate Clements from the Imperial War Museums
  31. Strategy-making and/as Storytelling with Phillips O’Brien
  32. Introducing the Imperial War Museum’s new Second World War and Holocaust Galleries with Vikki Hawkins, Kate Clements and James Bulgin
  33. How War Disrupts the Experience of Time with Julian Wright
  34. Visualising Future Conflict through Storytelling with Matthew Brown, Emily Spiers and Will Slocombe
  35. Ancient Greek warfare and its influence on modern times with Owen Rees and Roel Konijnendijk
  36. The Poetics of Rome’s Punic Wars with Thomas Biggs
  37. War Reporting in Africa and Afghanistan with Margaux Benn
  38. War and Peace Reporting in Afghanistan, past, present and future, with Noorrahman Rahmani from the Institute for War and Peace Reporting
  39. ‘Sorry for the War’: photographing the ‘War on Terror’ with Peter van Agtmael
  40. War Reportage and Stories of Migration with artist George Butler
  41. Conflict Textiles with Roberta Bacic
  42. The Art of Peace with Teresa Ó Brádaigh Bean, Lydia Cole and Azadeh Sobout
  43. Painting Invisible Threats with Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
  44. The Just War Tradition with Anthony Lang Jr and Rory Cox
  45. Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice with Roddy Brett
  46. Visualisations of War in Online Gaming with Iain Donald
  47. World of Warcraft with Taliesin and Evil
  48. Visualising War through Cosplay with Katarina Birkedal