18th May – outline


 Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Workshop

18th May 2018 – Swallowgate 11 – St Andrews

Why do we wage war? Why has this self-destructive activity persisted throughout human history? And how has it affected our psyche, our culture, our actions? These questions continue to interest research in a wide number of fields, but interaction between disciplines is still very limited. This workshop will offer a forum for postgraduate students in St Andrews to explore how interdisciplinary dialogue – humanities, natural sciences, social sciences – can enhance understanding of warfare.

 The workshop will include

  • Key-note presentation: Biology-Classics collaboration on “Women & Warfare”
    (Alberto J. C. Micheletti & Tommaso Spinelli)
  • Guest speaker: Leanne K. Simpson (Bangor University), ‘Neurocognition of British soldiers during combat and post deployment’
  • presentations by PhD students on their research (see below)
  • discussion session on the challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinary research

Coffee and lunch will be provided.

The programme of speakers is available here.

Visualising War. This workshop forms the second day of a wide-ranging colloquium entitled Visualising War in Different Disciplines: interdisciplinary interplay. Participants involved in the postgraduate workshop on 18th May are strongly encouraged to attend the first day of the colloquium as well (17th May). 

Organising Committee: Tommaso Spinelli (PhD Student, Classics), Alberto J. C. Micheletti (PhD Student, Biology), Alice König (Senior Lecturer, Classics), Andy Gardner (Reader, Biology)