Adamson, John


Student United College 1822-1823 Lat.Jun.; Gk. Jun. 1823-1824 Log.; Sen. Gk. 1824-1825 Jun. Math.; Sen. Lat.; Sen. Gk.; Chem. 1825-1826 Ethics; Sen. Lat.; Math. 2; Chem. 1826-1827 Chem. (Secondar)

M.D. 2.5.1843 by examination - gratis in recognition of his work among the poor.


Born 12.12.1809 son of Alexander Adamson, farmer, Burnside and Rachel Melville.

Brother of Alexander Adamson, Archibald Adamson, and Robert Adamson.


Also at Edinburgh University - L.R.C.S.E. 1829 and Paris.

After a voyage to China, settled to practice in St Andrews. Taught chemistry and natural science at Madras College 1837-1840 and acted for Professor Connel 1849-1852. Married Esther Alexander,eldest daughter of Professor Andrew Alexander, 1850 [Doctor, teacher]

[In medical practice in St Andrews with Oswald Home Bell.]

Publications. Pioneer photographer. [Produced the first calotype portrait in Scotland, 1841.] Examples of his photography in the Photographic Collections of the University of St Andrews Library.


Died 11.8.1870.


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