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Awards not exclusively connected with the University.

Bursaries, Scholarships, Fellowships and Prizes

Menzies bursary.

Chemistry Class.  Photographer unknown. 1845.  Image courtesy of University of St Andrews Library.  ALB-6-35

Founded in 1837 by John Menzies, Glasgow. Four bursaries worth £50 each annually, tenable for four years at St Andrews, Glasgow or Edinburgh University. Preference to relations of the founder, then to the name Menzies then to persons born on the estate of Sir Robert Menzies, Bt. in the parishes of Dull, Weem and Fortingall, whom failing to the best qualified student. Patrons –Sir Robert Menzies, Bt. and the ministers of Dull, Weem and Fortingall.

Dow bursary.

Founded in 1837 by Peter Dow of Balmyle. Two bursaries of c. £10 each tenable for four years at any Scottish University, but at St Andrews for preference. Restricted to natives of the parish, educated at Kirkmichael Parish School, failing which to natives of the parish educated at Moulin Parish School. Patrons – Patrick Small Keir of Kindrogan, James Small of Dirnanean and William A. Keir, younger, of Kindrogan.

Sharp bursary.

Founded 1856 by John Sharp, Perth. One worth £18, tenable for four years for a divinity student of the Church of Scotland at any Scottish University. Preference to name of Sharp, then to Sim, failing whom any student a native of, or subject to the Presbytery of Perth. Patrons – The Presbytery of Perth.

Heriot bursaries.

Established 1885. Nine bursaries available for competition among the scholars of Heriot High School, each worth £30, tenable for three years at any University agreed by the Governors.

David Anderson bursary.

Regulated 1888. One bursary worth £30, tenable for four years and open to pupils of Public and state aided schools in Fife for at least 12 months, with preference to pupils from Kirkcaldy schools. To be competed for at the ordinary St Andrews University bursary competition.

Dr Buist, University of St Andrews, by Thomas Rodger. 1850.  Image courtesy of University of St Andrews Library. ALB-3-21
Dr Buist, University of St Andrews, by Thomas Rodger. 1850. Image courtesy of University of St Andrews Library. ALB-3-21

Ferguson scholarships.

Founded 1860 by the trustees of John Ferguson of Cairnbrook. Six bursaries of £80 each annually tenable for 2 years. Competition by special examination to be held in Glasgow. Of three available in 1892, one is for greatest proficiency in Classics, another for Mathematics including Natural Philosophy and the third for Mental Philosophy. Open to all who have completed examinations for MA in one of the Scottish Universities. Successful students must pursue higher studies. Patrons – The Trustees, Glasgow.

Shaw fellowship.

One worth c. £170 annually, tenable for 5 years. Open to arts graduates of any Scottish University by special examination.  Patron –Edinburgh University.

Barty memorial prize.

Worth £20 and open to entrants to the divinity halls of the four Scottish Universities for scholarship in Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek.