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1. Haweis, Thomas (1733-1820)
M.D. 22.3.1788 on testimonials signed by John Nankwell M.D. and W. Bromfield, surgeon to the Queen’s household.
2. Sherson, Robert (1737-1821)
M.D. 8.3.1790 on testimonials signed by Hugh Smith M.D. and David Orme M.D., London.
3. Ramsay, John (1732-1821)
Student United College 1748-[1752]. (Secondar). Foundation bursar, 1748. Ramsay bursar, 1750. M.A. 4.5.1752.
4. Maseres, Francis (1731-1824)
LL.D. 2.3.1793.
5. M’Intyre, Joseph (1735-1823)
Student United College 1752-1753 Logic class - [1755-1756]. (Ternar). Luminator Maths class. Servership, 1753. M.A. 3.5.1756.
6. Story, Richard (1739-1821)
M.D. 15.12.1810 on testimonials signed by Joseph D. A. Gilpin M.D., late Deputy Inspector of Army hospitals and Hugh James M.D.(Edin.), Carlisle.
7. Kerr, William (1738-1824)
M.A. and M.D. 2.7.1781 on testimonials signed by Stuart Threipland M.D. and Daniel Rutherford M.D., Edinburgh.


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