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1. Rann, Joseph Hughes (1763-1842)
M.D. 7.2.1818 on testimonials signed by George Woodyat M.D.(Glas.), Worcester and Charles Dawes M.D.(StA.), London.
2. Lawson, George (1765-1842)
M.D. 18.8.1798 on testimonials signed by James Hamilton jnr. M.D. and Thomas Coull M.D.
3. Bawdwen, William (1762-1816)
Student United College 1786-1787 Log.; Ethics. (Secondar) B.A. 11.5.1787.
4. Berkeley, George Monck (1763-1793)
Student United College 1781-1782[ ] 1783-1784 Log.; Ethics. (Secondar) Chancellor’s prize, Private Greek class, 1782.


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