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1. Bond, Stephen (1750-1816)
M.D. 6.11.1786 on testimonials signed by John Evans M.D. and John Rutter M.D., physicians in Liverpool..
2. Anderson, Thomas (1744-1813)
M.A. and M.D. 27.6.1799 on testimonials signed by Andrew Duncan, Edinburgh. Drs Flint and Rotheram testify verbally.
3. Graham, Robert (1731-1819)
M.A. and M. D. 2.11.1752 by examination.
4. MacFarlane, James (d. 1846)
M.D. 4.1.1803 on testimonials signed by William Wright M.D., F.R.S. and Andrew Wauchop M.D., F.R.S., Edinburgh.
5. Govan, John (d. 1819)
Student United College 1758-1762 b, s, t, m. (Secondar). Yeaman bursar, 1759. M.A. 3.5.1762.
6. Wilmer, Bradford (1747-1813)
M.D. 27.3.1789 on testimonials signed by James Hadow M.D. and R. Simson M.D., Coventry.
7. Diver, Ebenezer (1842-1819)
M.D. 20.12.1862 by examination.
8. Payne, Richard (1734-1813)
M.D. 17.12.1785 on testimonials signed by A. Douglas M.R.C.P. and Samuel Foart Simmons M.R.C.P.
9. Dimsdale, Robert (1733-1814)
M.A. and M.D. 2.10.1756 on testimonials signed by John Rutherford and certificates for various courses.
10. Lang, Thomas (d. 1811)
M.D. 5.11.1798 on testimonials signed by David Colquhoun, Andrew Hill and John Spiers, physicians in Greenock and Robert Cleghorn M.D., Glasgow.
11. Alcock, Nathaniel (d. 1814)
M.D. 5.6.1789 by examination.
12. Higgins, James (d. 1816)
M.D. 2.7.1804 on testimonials signed by Richard Temple M.D.(Leyden) and John Boys M.D., London.
13. Swainson, Isaac (1846-1812)
M.D. 3.6.1785 on testimonials signed by William Vaughan M.D. of the Royal College of Medicine, London and Peter Mercier M.D.
14. Campbell, William (1767-1812)
M.D. 4.10.1794 on testimonials signed by William Wright M.D., F.R.S. and Thomas Gillespie M.D.
15. Geary, Nicholas (d. 1819)
M.D. 27.7.1805 on testimonials signed by Benjamin Thomas M.D.(Edin.) and Thomas Harington M.D.(St A.). Also J. Clarke, "Preb.Her."
16. Robertson, Joseph (d. 1815)
M.D. 7.3.1759 by examination.
17. Bell, Thomas (d. 1816)
M.D. 4.12.1771 on testimonials signed by Thomas Young and John Rutherford.
18. Wallace, Robert (d. 1812)
M.D. 25.5.1787 on testimonial signed by William Hamilton, Glasgow College.
19. Willison, John (d. 1811)
M.A. and M.D. 17.7.1761 by examination.
20. Barrow, William (d. 1817)
M.D. 27.10.1788 by examination, and well known to several gentlemen of the neighbourhood and to Dr Flint, who attests his attendance at medical classes.

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