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Private madhouses

This podcast aims to show the part played by commercial enterprise in the care of the mentally disordered, and also how varied the responses to mental illness or impairment were… Read more »

The pharmacological revolution

Drugs are central to the ways modern clinicians handle mental disorders, but medicines for specific conditions are a very recent innovation.  The first major breakthroughs in anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, and mood-stabilising… Read more »

Holistic and ‘heroic’ remedies

How have therapies for mental ailments changed over time? Today’s treatments for mental illness revolve around drugs and psychological therapy. For centuries, medical practitioners relied mainly on treating physical symptoms,… Read more »

Freud and the psyche

If the nineteenth century had been mostly about physiology and somatogenic interpretations of mental problems, the early twentieth century was the golden age of psychodynamic psychiatry.   Vienna-based physician Franz Anton… Read more »

Brain and Body

The nineteenth century in Britain belongs to materialist or somatogenic interpretations of the causes of mental problems, founded on scientific advances in physiology. Rather than mind and body, medical writers… Read more »

From Humours to Nerves

The theme for this section of podcasts is the shifting balance between organic or somatic causes and mental or psychological ones. As new discoveries were made, physicians, scientists, and others… Read more »

Mind and body

One of the themes of these podcasts is that the boundaries between medicine and other disciplines in the past were much less clear cut than nowadays and the way knowledge… Read more »

Psychiatry And Its Subject

Welcome to the first podcast entitled Psychiatry And Its Subject. Today’s podcast outlines what makes psychiatry a distinctive medical discipline with a special image, primarily because it deals with something… Read more »