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Drama and Novels

Perceptions of madness and those who care for it have always been shaped by representations in mass media. Nowadays we have radio and television as well as the internet and… Read more »

Crime and the insanity defence

For centuries the development of psychiatry was shaped by social norms, political climates, and legal frameworks. This block of podcasts examines psychiatry’s relationship with the law, both from a sufferer’s point of… Read more »

Mental Health Nursing

The place of nursing staff in psychiatric care past (and present) remains under-researched. Yet patients’ day-to-day lives were profoundly affected by those in regular contact with them. Until formal training… Read more »

Divisions and Diagnoses

A landmark in the formation of psychiatry came in the middle of the twentieth century. After centuries of sometimes heated disagreements between practitioners, professional associations and non-governmental bodies developed criterion-based… Read more »

The Dawn of Psychiatry

In this week’s podcast, we return to mental medicine, setting out the forces behind the emergence of psychiatry: the rise of asylums, professional associations, research publications, and specialist training. These… Read more »

Modern Mental Medicine

Modern psychiatric care is structured into a system of provision which mainly provides care in the community. Understanding the neat modern categories throws into relief the complex, multi-layered medical marketplace… Read more »

Foucault And Anti-Psychiatry

Psychiatry has always been influenced by perspectives from non-medical disciplines and these have in turn changed how the wider society looks at mental medicine. This podcast examines critical perspectives associated… Read more »

Roots and routes

A remarkable shift in the care of the mad occurred between 1800 and 2000: from almost no asylums to – almost no asylums.  How and why this happened is the… Read more »


How do we account for the rise and decline of asylums? When we think about the history of psychiatry we probably envisage Victorian lunatic asylums. Large institutional buildings that can… Read more »