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Over to you…

Today’s podcast brings us to the end of Series 1 in the History of Psychiatry podcast series. In the space of 44 episodes, we have explored psychiatry from its very… Read more »

New Demographics

Diagnoses such as autism are less than a century old. Other conditions, now central to our concerns about mental wellbeing, were hidden in the past, though this time because the… Read more »

Mad to be Normal

Controversial, notorious, radical, revolutionary – flick through the reviews of Robert Mullan’s Mad to be Normal and you’ll find the same words used again and again to describe RD Laing,… Read more »

New Diagnoses or New Ailments?

Looking back in time, we might think that life was easier, but that the transition from small-scale, largely agrarian societies brought about by industrialization and urbanization during the nineteenth century… Read more »

The Mind of the Suicide

We conclude this block of podcasts by showing what insights can be gained into the mind of the suicide, using historical evidence. The podcast sets out how survivors struggled to… Read more »

Hidden from History

Before the nineteenth or even twentieth century a lot of what we know about suicide in England and Wales comes from the records of coroners’ inquests.  This reliance on inquests… Read more »


Modern understandings of asylums, mental disorder, and psychiatry are strongly influenced by the medicalised identities portrayed in film. This podcast sets out some examples of the interaction between sociology, psychiatry,… Read more »