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Donald Winch

Donald Norman Winch (1935-2017) was Professor Emeritus of Intellectual History at the University of Sussex and Honorary Professor at the University of…

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Helmut O. Pappe

Helmut Otto Pappe (1907-1998) was Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sussex and was one of several faculty who contributed to the foundation…

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Istvan Hont

István Hont (1947-2013) was an Hungarian-born historian of political economy. He was elected Fellow of Kings College Cambridge in 1978 where he…

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J. G. A. Pocock

John Greville Agard Pocock (1924 -2023) was a historian of political thought from New Zealand. He is especially known for his studies of republicanism…

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James H. Burns

James Henderson Burns (1921-2012) was a leading historian of European political thought, specializing in the Reformation, the Scottish Enlightenment,…

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John W. Burrow

John Wyon Burrow (1935-2009) was the first holder of a chair in Intellectual History at the University of Sussex and one of the founding members of…

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N. T. Phillipson

Nicholas Tindal Phillipson (1959 - 2018) was an intellectual historian specialising in the Scottish Enlightenment, with a particular focus on Adam…

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Patricia James

Patricia Drift James (1917-1987) was a historian and biographer of Thomas R. Malthus. The papers in the James archive contain research, conducted from…

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Robert Wokler

Robert Lucien Wokler (1942 – 2006) was a British historian who was a leading scholar of the political thought of the Enlightenment, especially the…

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