The Institute of Intellectual History

Founded in 2013, the Institute of Intellectual History is a hub for everyone interested in intellectual history
at both the University of St Andrews and beyond.

The James Mill Commonplace Books

James Mill (1773-1836) was a Scottish philosopher and historian of British India, and a disciple of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832). Although Mill published widely in his lifetime, he also kept private notes on a range of subjects in his commonplace books.

Intellectual History in A Thousand Manuscripts

A project aimed at raising awareness of the wide holdings of the Institute of Intellectual History, and to flag up the discovery of new manuscripts in intellectual history across the scholarly world.

Archive of European Intellectual Life

The Archive of European Intellectual Life is a digital repository of papers from eminent European intellectuals and intellectual historians. 

Natural Law 1625-1850: Database

The Natural Law Database is an open-ended, collaborative biographical and bibliographical knowledge reservoir of early modern natural law scholars from Europe and beyond.

Remembering Intellectual Historians

Experts discuss the work and impact of especially influential intellectual historians, several of which are featured in the Archive of Intellectual History.

Economists' Papers

An online guide to archive and manuscript sources for historians of British and Irish economic thought. Includes papers and correspondence of British and Irish economists
over the period 1750 to 2000.