Intellectual History Archive

Institute of Intellectual History


The following guidelines are designed to assist users of the Intellectual History Archive.

Finding material

There are two major ways of finding material within the Archive: browse and search. The papers within each individual collection are available to browse by clicking on the respective name from the navigation bar at the top of any page, or on the appropriate photograph on the Archive's homepage. Each collection is subdivided into categories (for example 'Unpublished essays', 'Teaching material'), and each document within a category has its own descriptive page. To view a document's page, click its title.

The search box is available at the top of every page in the Archive. Enter your terms and click 'search' to display results. The results will give you the title, contributor and identifier of each document matching your search. Click on a title to be taken to the appropriate page. Basic search operators (such as to exclude terms) may be used.

Viewing material

Documents within the Archive can be viewed within most browsers by clicking on the large thumbnail of the document which appears on its descriptive page. Also on this page is related metadata about the document, such as its full title and its identifying reference.

Downloading material

Each document within the archive is available to download as a PDF. Click the 'Download PDF' button on the respective document's descriptive page.

Citing material

On each document's descriptive page is a unique identifier which takes the form intellectual-history: followed by a number (e.g. intellectual-history:192). This reference may be used when citing material within the Archive.

The following convention is suggested for scholarly citations:

Author name, 'Title of document', Intellectual History Archive. intellectual-history:192, <> [date accessed].

Reuse of material

With the exception of photocopied extracts from other works which appear in some items within the Intellectual History Archive (particularly within the Hont and James collections), you are permitted to reuse the material under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. Attribution to the Intellectual History Archive should be given on any derivative works, and you may not use the material for commercial purposes.

Consulting the originals

The papers in the Burns and Hont collections are held at the University of St Andrews Library. Please contact the library in the first instance.

Further enquiries

Any questions about the Intellectual History Archive or its contents may be sent to