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21. Williams, John (1727-1798)
LL.D. 10.6.1765 on testimonials signed by Gregory Sharp LL.D. and Nathaniel Lardner D.D.
22. Stirling, George (1768-1790)
Student United College 1781-1783 b, s. (Secondar).
23. Wodrow, Patrick (1713-1793)
D.D. 28.6.1784 gratis.
24. Gordon, George (1764-1791)
Student United College 1770-1772 b, s. (Secondar).
25. Drinkwater, John (d. 1797)
M.D. 10.9.1784 on testimonials signed by T. Mainwaring M.D. and John Heyes M.D.
26. Wells, Christopher (1749-1792)
D.D. 2.11.1787 on testimonials signed by William Fauquier, Accomptant General of the G.P.O. and Secretary of the Order of the Bath and Thomas Todd of the G.P.O.
27. Fraser, Thomas (1770-1798)
Student United College 1782-1783 h. 1783-1784 Lat. Jun. 1784-1785 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Jun. 1785-1786 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Log. 1786-1787 Lat. Prov.; Ethics. (Secondar).
28. Binny, George (d. 1793)
M.D. c.1790 on testimonials signed by Alexander Douglas, physician and John Willison M.D., Dundee, but although the testimonials exist there must be doubt as to whether the degree was ever granted - not found in Senate Minutes or in Quaestor’s accounts.
29. Mowbray, Robert (d. 1795)
M.A. and M.D. 14.7.1777 on testimonials signed by James Walker M.D. and William Osborn M.D., London.
30. Ten Haaf, Gerard (1720-1791)
M.D. 30.12.1785 on testimonials signed by P. Imchoon M.D., Leyden and Richard Ketel M.D.(Leyden 1740).
31. Smith, David (1732-1795)
Student United College 1749-1751 Ethics class at least (Ternar).
32. Murray, John (1775-1798)
Student United College 1787-1788 Gk. Jun.; Lat. Jun. 1788-1789 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Log. 1789-1790 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Ethics; Math. Jun. 1790-1791 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Math. Prov.; N. Phil. (Secondar). Wilkie bursar, 1787. M.A. 2.5.1791.
33. Pairman, William (1774-1794)
Student United College 1788-1789 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Jun. 1789-1790 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Log. 1790-1791 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Ethics; Math. Jun. (Secondar).
34. Henderson, Robert (d. 1797)
Student United College 1789-1790 Lat. Jun.; Gk. Jun. 1790-1791 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Log.; Math. Jun. 1791-1792 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Ethics; N. Phil. Foundation bursar, 1789.
35. Erskine, James Floyer (d. 1798)
Student United College 1787-1788 Lat. Jun.; Gk. Jun. (Secondar).
36. Baddelley, George (1726-1791)
D.D. 14.3.1765 on testimonials signed by T. Wicker D.D., Rector of Henton Blewet, Somerset and Edward Iveson D.D., curate of Shoreditch.
37. Galletly, John (1742-1796)
Student United College 1756-1759 s, t, m. (Secondar). Guild bursar, 1755. M.A. 7.5.1759.
38. Travers, Peter (d. 1797)
M.D. 18.10.1783 on testimonials signed by Walter Farquharson and James Walker M.D.’s and Commissioners for taking care of sick and wounded seamen. Also John Cantley M.D., formerly resident in Lisbon as physician to the British factory there. Also Ignace Tamaguini M.D. of the Academy of Sciences, Lisbon and consultant to the Court.
39. Turner, Daniel (1748-1796)
D.D. 15.10.1792.
40. Adamson, Thomas (1769-1797)
Student United College 1782-1783[ ] 1783-1784Log. Sen. Lat.; Sen. Gk.1784-1785 Sen. Lat. Sen. Gk. Ethics 1785-1786 Sen. Gk.; Sen. Lat.; N. Phil. 1786-1787 Sen. Gk.; Sen. Lat. (Ternar)

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