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21. Long, Richard (1796-1873)
M.D. 7.10.1820 on testimonials signed by Thomas Hearn M.D., T. Lamphier, M.D., Waterford and Mathew Poole, Waterford.
22. Shellard, Thomas
M.D.27.5.1790 on testimonials signed by John Wright M.D.(St A.) and George Milligen Johnston M.D., Bristol.
23. Priest, Robert
M.D. 17.12.1785 on testimonials signed by Ellis Button Melford M.D.(Edin.), John Hewitt M.D.(St A.), London, Andrew Paterson, Margam, Polydor Lewis M.D., Abergavenny and Edward Barry M.D.(St A.) of Bristol.
24. Burford, Edward
M.A. and M.D. 20.8.1762 on testimonials signed by James Hadoe and Robert Simson, Coventry.
25. Banks, William Roger (1832-1870)
M.D. 19.10.1855 by examination.
26. Fletcher, William
M.D. 16.7.1784 on testimonials signed by Michael Morris M.D. and David Pitcairn M.D., London.
27. Coates, William
M.D. 1.6.1811 on testimonials signed by J. Cooke M.D., Andrew Thynne M.D. , R. Temple M.D. and Thomas Nelson M.D., London.
28. Stenson, Nathaniel (b. 1775)
M.D. 6.11.1813 on testimonials signed by George Pearson, Andrew Thynne M.D. and Thomas Denman M.D., London.
29. Griffenhoofe, Christopher (b. 1742)
M.D. 10.8.1784 on testimonials signed by George Motherby M.D. and Robert Willan M.D., London.
30. Rees, Morgan
M.D. 6.2.1813 on testimonials signed by John Coakley Lettsom M.D. and Andrew Thynne M.D.
31. Spears, William
M.A. and M.D. 11.11.1779 on testimonials signed by Andrew Duncan M.D. and James Hamilton M.D., Edinburgh.
32. Morris, Robert
M.D. 28.8.1786 on testimonials signed by Walter Green M.D. and Thomas Houlston M.D., Liverpool.
33. Davis, Robert Stevens
M.D. 26.8.1793 on testimonials signed by Henry Krohn M.D., M.R.C.P.L., Andrew Thynne M.D., London, Peter Rambin M.D., W. Cruikshank, Professor of anatomy and William Henry Coates, surgeon, London.
34. Breton, Thomas (1724-1802)
M.D. 12.3.1798 on testimonials signed by William Kerr M.D., Northampton and William Black M.D.
35. Oliphant, James (d. 1803)
M.D. 31.7.1771 by examination.
36. Borlase, John Bingham (1753-1813)
M.A. and M.D. 7.4.1804 on testimonials signed by Edward Jenner M.D.(St A.)., LL.D. (Camb.). Mass.) F.R.S., Henry Luxmore M.D. L.R.C.P.L., Physician to the Forces, Plymouth Dock and Thomas Hall M.D.(K.C. Aber.), Bodmin, Cornwall.
37. Williams, Howel Jones (1779-1848)
M.D. 9.5.1825 on testimonials signed by Walter Mitchell M.D. and Edward Howell M.D., Swansea.
38. Moore, Edmund (d. 1805)
M.D. 27.9.1793 on testimonials signed by G. Fordyce, J. Latham and J. Grieve, Members of the Royal College of Physicians, London.
39. Taylor, Robert Walter
M.D. 2.8.1823 on testimonials signed by Samuel Clevely M.D., Physician to H.M. the Duke of Cambridge etc. and Neil Arnott M.D., Bedford Square, London.
40. Smith, Thomas
M.A. and M.D. 26.2.1781 on testimonials signed by R. Warren, physician to the King and John Anderson, physician, Kingston upon Thames.

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