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1. Scott, James Paterson (1877-1943)
Student United College 1895-1896 Gk. Jun.; Lat. Jun.; Math. Jun. 1896-1897 Gk.; Lat.; Math. 1897-1898 N. Phil. & Prac. N. Phil.; Log. 1898-1899 Eng. Lit.; Hon. Math.; Chem.; Prac. Chem. 1899-1900 Sen. Hon. Math.; Hon. & Prac. N. Phil.; Hon. & Prac. Chem. 1900-1901 Hon. & Prac. N. Phil.; Prac. Chem. 1901-1902 (Research). Taylour Thomson bursar, 1895. Russell bursar, 1896. Arnott prize, 1901. Berry scholar, 1901. M.A. 2.4.1901 1st cl. hons. Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. B.Sc. 2.4.1901. D.Sc. 17.7.1912.


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