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1. Traill, James (1757-1816)
Student United College 1772-1775 b, s, t. (Ternar). Foundation bursar, 1772. M.A. 1780 (Quaestor’s accounts).
2. Fernie, John (1762-1816)
Said by Fasti ecclesiae scoticanae [Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae] to be student St Andrews c.1777-1787, but not found.
3. Will, James (d. 1818)
Student United College 1774-1777 [b], s, t. (Ternar). Lawson bursar, 1774. Guild bursar, 1776. Chancellor’s prize, Magistrand class, 1777, Civil history, 1778.
4. Walker, Patrick (1766-1816)
Student United College 1778-1781 b, s, t. (Ternar). Yeaman bursar, 1778.


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