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1. Grimston, Henry (1758-1820)
Student United College 1783-1784 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Hist. Civ.; Log. (Secondar).
2. Charles, George (1756-1831)
M.D. 22.10.1796 on testimonials signed by Thomas Hay, surgeon, Edinburgh, Benjamin Bell, surgeon, Edinburgh and Thomas Gillespie M.D., Edinburgh.
3. Cowan, John (b. 1753)
M.D. 30.4.1789 by examination.
4. Harrington, Robert (1751-1837)
M.D. 27.3.1784 on testimonials signed by John Leake M.D. and John Wasdale M.D.
5. Thomas, Robert (1753-1835)
M.D. 21.8.1798 on testimonials signed by G. Fordyce M.D. and John Hunter M.D., Edinburgh.
6. Spalding, Samuel (1750-1811)
M.D. 26.9.1785 on testimonials signed by James Hamilton M.D. and Andrew Duncan M.D., Edinburgh.
7. Hay, Thomas (1751-1816)
M.D. 18.6.1804 on testimonials signed by James Flint M.D. and Thomas Melville M.D., St Andrews.
8. Forbes, Alexander (1753-1823)
M.D. 13.12.1785 on testimonials signed by John Aitken M.D. and Andrew Duncan M.D., Edinburgh.
9. Oxley, Edward (1752-1850)
M.D. 2.7.1825 on testimonials signed by Benjamin Robinson M.D., physician to London Hospital and James Cowles Prichard M.D., Bristol.
10. Wylie, Alexander (1753-1824)
M.D. 2.7.1808 on testimonials signed by John Barclay M.D. and William Wright M.D., Edinburgh.
11. Macdougall, Alexander (1758-1824)
M.A. and M.D. 20.11.1778 on testimonials signed by Gregory Grant M.D. and James Hay M.D., physicians in Edinburgh.
12. Hodgson, Henry (1753-1815)
M.D. 8.10.1787 on testimonials signed by J. Watson M.D.(Patav.) and John Leslie M.D.(Lugd.).
13. West, Stewart (b. 1752)
Student United College 1766-1770 [b, s, t,] m. (Secondar). Yeaman bursar, 1766. M.A. 7.5.1770.
14. Smith, Wyville (1757-1826)
M.D. 29.3.1786 on testimonials signed by James Hunter M.D. and Charles Webster M.D., Edinburgh.
15. Stansfield, John (1755-1803)
M.A. and M.D. 26.4.1800 on testimonials signed by James Miller M.D. and Alexander Milroy M.D., Edinburgh.
16. Sinclair, William (1751-1795)
M.A. and M.D. 10.2.1776 by examination.
17. Simmons, Samuel Foart (1750-1813)
M.D. 15.3.1788 ad eundem.
18. Grace, Charles (1757-1814)
Student United College 1771-1773. (Ternar). Yeaman bursar, 1771.
19. Barry, Edward (1759-1822)
M.D. 22.6.1785 on testimonials signed by Dr. William Augustus Howard and Dr. Peter Renandet, physicians, London.
20. Fox, Joseph (1758-1832)
M.D. 1.2.1783 on testimonials signed by Andrew Duncan M.D. and Charles Webster M.D.

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