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1. Stalker, James Simpson (1878-1958)
Student United College 1895-1896 Gk.; Lat.; Math. 1896-1897 Hon. Gk.; Hon. Lat. 1897-1898 Log.; Hon. Gk.; Educ. 1898-1899 M. Phil.; Prac. N. Phil.; Hon. Math. Foundation bursar, 1895. M.A. 1.4.1899 2nd cl. hons. Classics.
2. Taylor, William Braid (1877-1958)
Student United College 1894-1895 Gk.; Lat.; Math. 1895-1896 Log.; Hon. Gk.; Hon. Lat. 1896-1897 Eng. Lit.; Hon. Gk. 1897-1898 Hon. Eng. Lit.; Hon. Hist. Taylour Thomson bursar, 1893, 1894. M.A. 26.3.1897 1st cl. hons. Classics, 21.10.1900 1st cl. hons. English.


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