Kayat/[Khayyat], Assaad Yacoob/[As’ad Yakūb]


M.D. 4.5.1847 (Honorary).


Born 1811 Beyrout [Lebanon].


M.R.C.S.Eng. 1846 when he was from Jaffa, Syria. [Doctor]

A Christian Arab from Beirut who worked with the Syrian Society for the education of Arab youth. Visited England in 1834 and 1843 when he was received by many people of importance and lectured on behalf of the Syrian cause. Appointed Consul at Jaffa.

Publications included an Arabic grammar, 1844.

A voice from Lebanon, with the life and travels of Assaad Y. Kayat. (London: Madden & Co., 1847)


  • Gentleman's Magazine 1847 ii 77
  • Voice from Lebanon with the life and travels of Assaad Yacoob Kayat, London, 1847