Wilson, Walter


Student United College 1769-1772 (Library borrowing register). [Secondar].


Born 21.3.1757? son of Walter Wilson, Professor of Greek, St Andrews University and Preston Simson. [University professor] [Print Register gives birth date as 1775, but this does not fit with matriculation dates 1769-1772.]


Emigrated to Maryland in 1772 as assistant to a Scottish factor at Piscataway. A loyalist in 1775, was forced to return to Scotland. Went to India as cadet in H.E.I.C’s Service [Honourable East India Company's Service] at Madras [now Chennai, India]. Lieutenant Colonel. [Soldier]


Died at St Andrews 1.5.1841.


  • UYUY236
  • PRO CO 5/116 f31, 35
  • United Service Journal 1841 ii 440
  • Fifeshire Jnl. 13.5.1841
  • Deaths Reg. St Andrews
  • Monumental inscription St Andrews Cathedral burial ground