Smith/[Smyth], Robert Gillespie


Student United College 1791-1792 Gk. Jun.; Lat. Jun. 1792-1793 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Log. 1793-1794 Lat. Prov.; Ethics; N. Phil.; Civ. Hist. (Secondar). Ramsay bursar, 1791.


Born 4.2.177 son of James Gillespie, Principal, St Mary’s College, St Andrews and Jean Fortune.


Assumed name of "Smyth" on succession to Gibliston. [Landowner]

Also at Edinburgh University.

Writer to the Signet. [Lawyer]

Deputy Lieutenant, Fife and Major, Fife Militia. Justice of the Peace. [Soldier]


Died at Gibliston 11.11.1855.


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