Rutherford, John [Hunter]


Student United College 1839-1840 Gk. Jun.; Lat. Jun. 1840-1841 Gk. Sen.; Lat. Sen.; Log.; Math. 1; Sens. Phil. 1841-1842 Gk. 2; Lat. 2; Math. 2; Ethics; Civ. Hist.; Sens. Phil. 1842-1843 Physics; Math. 3; Sens. Phil.; Physiol.; Physiol. Gen. & Anat. Comp.


Born 19.2.1826 possibly in Jedburgh.


Also at Glasgow Congregational Theological Hall and studied Edinburgh.

L.R.C.P.E. 1867. L.R.C.S.E. 1867.

Evangelist Cumberland and Westmoreland from 1845.

Congregational minister and physician Newcastle (Booth Lane) 1849-1890. [Doctor, minister]

Publications. His scheme for re-using H.M.S. ‘Vanguard’ approved by the Admiralty.


Died 20.3.1890.


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