Rusack, Henrietta Wilhelmina


Student United College 1895-1896 Chem. & Prac. Chem..; N. Hist. & Prac. N. Hist. 1896-1897 N. Phil. & Prac. N. Phil.; Chem. & Prac. Chem.; Physiol.(class for women). 1897-1898 Anat.; Prac. Anat. & Anat. Demonstr.; Mat. Med.

Student U.C.D. [University College Dundee] 1898-1899 Physiol.; Mat. Med.; Prac. Anat.; Syst. Surg. 1899-1900 Prac. Anat.; Prac. Med.; Clin. Med.; Clin. Surg.; Syst. Surg. Taylour Thomson bursar, 1895.


Born 26.10.1877 daughter of J. William C. Rusack, hotel proprietor, St Andrews and Janet Welsh.

Attended Madras College, St Andrews.


Married 1900, Dr. Thomas Blackwood Murray, founder of the Albion Motor Works in Glasgow.


Died in South Africa 1975.


  • UYUC400:8 & 14.10.1895
  • Births Reg. St Andrews 1877/207
  • St Andrews Citizen 5.6.1971 p4
  • StAUL Correspondence 1924
  • StAU Muniments Acc. 218