Maitland, James Ramsay Gibson


Student United College 1863-1864 Eng. Lit.; Gk. Jun.; Lat. 1; Math. 1 1864-1865 Log.; Lat. 2; Math. 2 .


Born 29.3.1848 eldest son of Sir Alexander Charles Ramsay Gibson Maitland, and Thomasina Agnes Hunt.


Army officer 1867-1869. Succeeded to baronetcy 1876. Founded fish hatchery at Sauchie, which became world-famous. [Soldier, baronet]

Published on salmon breeding.

The history of Howietoun, containing a full description of the various hatching-houses and ponds... (Stirling: J.R. Guy, 1887)

On the culture of salmonidae and the acclimatization of fish. (London: Clowes, 1883)


Died at Sauchieburn 9.11.1897.


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