M’Leod, John Macleod Hendrie


Student United College 1887-1888 Gk. 2; Lat. 2; Math. 1 1888-1889 Log.; Eng. Lit.; Math. 2 1889-1890 N. Phil.; M. Phil. & Pol. Econ. Foundation bursar, 1887. M.A. 17.4.1890.

Student U.C.D. [University College Dundee] 1894-1895, but not in class lists.


Born 4.9.1870 son of John Balmain M’Leod M.D., M.C., Galston and Catherine Hendrie.

Attended Dundee High School.


Also at Aberdeen University - M.B. C.M. 1894, M.D. hons. 1898.

M.E.C.P.L. [M.R.C.P.L.?] 1900. F.R.C.P.L. 1916.

Surgeon Indian Medical Service, Madras [now Chennai, India] 1895, but never joined. Practised in London. Lecturer in dermatology, London School of Tropical Medicine. [Doctor, university lecturer]


Diseases of the skin: a text-book for students and practitioners. (London: Lewis, 1920)

Burns and their treatment including dermatitus from high explosives. (London: H. Frowde; Hodder & Stoughton, 1918)


Died at Farnham, Surrey 10.12.1954.


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