Kantrovich/Kentridge, Morris/Maurice


Student United College 1895-1896 Jun. Gk.; Jun. Lat.; Jun. Math. 1896-1897 Gk.; Lat.; Jun. Math.


Born 3.2.1881 at Wilna son of Wolf Kantrovich, cantor Sunderland Synagogue and Rose [ ] - grandson did not know her maiden name.


[First called Morris Kantrovich, afterwards Maurice Kentridge]

Emigrated to South Africa. Studied law and became an attorney first in Natal then in Johannesburg. M.P. in South Africa 1914, 1924-1958. [Law student, lawyer, politician]


Died in Johannesburg [South Africa] 14.12.1964 (apparently wrong date in South African Dictionary of Biography).


  • Inf. from grandson
  • Memoirs ‘I recall’ published 1959 in Johannesburg
  • Morris Kentridge in The University of Glasgow Story.