Japp, Francis Robert


Student United College 1864-1865 Gk. 1; Lat. 1; Math. 1 1865-1866 Log.; Gk. 2; Lat. 2 1866-1867 M. Phil.; Eng. Lit.; Math. 2 1867-1868 N. Phil. Madras bursar, 1864, 1865. M.A. 23.4.1868. LL.D. 18.4.1888.


Born 8.2.1848 youngest son of James Japp, Minister of Catholic Apostolic Church in Dundee.

Attended Madras College, St Andrews.


Also at the Universities of Edinburgh, Bonn and Heidelberg [Edinburgh University, Bonn University, Heidelberg University] - PhD Heidelberg.

Went to Edinburgh in 1868 as a law student, but had to give up through ill health. Studied abroad, particularly chemistry at Heidelberg.

Professor of Chemistry at Aberdeen University 1890-1914. [University professor, chemist ]

Discovered the Japp-Klingemann reaction.


Researches in Organic Chemistry carried out in the University of Aberdeen, by Francis Robert Japp [and others]. (Aberdeen: Printed for the University, 1905)


Died 1.8.1925.


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