Jannaris, Antonios Nikolaou


University lecturer in Modern Greek 1896-1904.


Born 25.8.1852 at Conea, Crete.


Studied at the Universities of Athens and Marburg [Athens University, Marburg University].

British consulate at Conea 1884-1888. Lecturer on Greek Literature, Athens University 1889. One of the leaders in the abortive Cretan insurrection of 1889-1890. Went to London partly to study and partly to agitate for the Cretan cause. Elected to the Revolutionary assembly 1897 while still at St Andrews having spent the summer in Crete. [Universite lecturer, politician]

University lecturer in Modern Greek 1896-1904. [St Andrews University]

Returned to Crete in 1904 and was jailed for two years for a libel on Prince George of Greece. Released on agitation of British friends. Inspector General of Public Education for Crete.


Deutsch-Neugriechisches Handwörterbuch. Vol. 1. (Hannover: Hahn'sche Buchhandlung, 1883)


Died 26.4.1909 on board an Atlantic liner.


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