Jack, Alexander


Student United College 1887-1888 Gk. 1; Lat. 1; Math. 1 1888-1889 Gk. 2; Lat. 2; Math. 2 1889-1890 N. Phil.; Log.; Gk. 3; Lat. 3 1890-1891 M. Phil. & Pol. Econ.; Eng. Lit.; Math. 2 1891-1892 N. Phil.; Adv. Phil.; Chem. Servership bursar, 1887. M.A. 14.4.1892.

Student St Mary’s College 1891-1892.


Born 6.1.1872 eldest son of Alexander Jack, minister U.F. Church, Ferryport on Craig and Mary Christina Christie.

Attended Harris Academy, Dundee.


Also divinity student U.P. Synod Hall, Edinburgh [United Presbyterian Synod Hall, Edinburgh].

Probationer U.P. Church [United Presbyterian Church] for many years, but nerves not up to preaching.

Worked in Black Watch Offices for a time then with Inland Revenue in Inverness.


Died Inverness 1.12.1924 aged 52.


  • UYUC400:1 & 4.11.1887
  • Births Reg. Ferryport on Craig 1872/5
  • Deaths Reg. Inverness 1924/441
  • Monumental inscription, Tayport New b.g.