Home, John


Student United College 1847-1848 Lat. 1; Gk. 1; Math. 1; Sens. Phil. 1848-1849 Lat. 2; Gk. 2; Math. 2; Log.; Sens. Phil. 1849-1850 Lat. 2; Gk. 2; Math. 3; Ethics 1850-1851 Physics; Math. 3; Chem. Cupar bursar, 1848. Fined by magistrates for breach of the peace, 1850.

Student St Mary’s College 1851-1855. Bursar, 1852, 1854.


From Dundee. Possibly born 29.8.1833 son of John Hume, Coupar Angus and Christine Stuart.


Said by David Marshall to have become Established Church minister at Penicuik, but Fasti ecclesiae scoticanae identifies the man who was minister there as son of John Home of Homefield, Berwickshire and Jessie Home.

Minister Penicuik 1856-10.12.1863 (resigned). Went to America.


Died 21.12.1898.