Govan, Douglas Moncrieff


Student United College 1851-1852 Gk. 1; Lat. 1; Math. 1 1852-1853 Gk. Sen.; Lat. Sen.; Math. 2; Log. 1853-1854 Gk. 3; Lat. 3; Math. 3; M. Phil. 1854-1855 Gk. 3; Chem.; Pol. Econ.; Exp. Phys.; N. Phil. 1859-1860 N. Phil. Attended Established Church while a student.


Born 4.11.1835 in St Andrews son of George Govan, M.D., H.E.I.C.S. [Honourable East India Company's Service] and Mary Maitland. [Soldier]


Also at New College, Edinburgh - divinity student 1855-1859.

Never sought a charge. Married a daughter of Mrs Pitcairn of Pitcullo and resided with her and managed her estate. Then lived in Cupar then Edinburgh.


Died 5.11.1915.


  • Census 1861 St Andrews
  • William Carmichael McIntosh, Autobiography in ms37113 p363
  • Deaths Reg. Edinburgh, Morningside 1915/1082
  • Monumental inscription, Cupar