Douglas, Findlay Small


Student United College 1892-1893 Jun. Gk.; Jun. Lat.; Jun. Math. 1893-1894 Lat.; Jun. Math. 1894-1895 Eng. Lit.; Chem.; Prac. Chem. 1895-1896 N. Phil.; Eng. Lit. Moncrieffe bursar, 1893.


Born 17.11.1874 son of Colin Douglas, journeyman [joiner] later master joiner , St Andrews and Elizabeth Small.

Attended Madras College, St Andrews.


Worked with United States Steel Corporation and retired as assistant to the president of the Universal Atlas Cement division.

Notable golfer. Captain University golf team. U.S. amateur champion 1898. Joined R&A in 1920. President U.S. Golf Association 1929 -1930.


Died in New York [U.S.A.] 29.3.1959.


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