Bruce, James


Student United College 1777-1780 b,t,m. (Ternar).

Foundation bursar, 1777. Chancellor’s prize Semi class, 1778. Chancellor’s prizes Private Latin theme and Moral Philosophy class, 1779. Chancellor’s prize Civil history class, 1780.

Student St Mary’s College 1781-1783. Yeaman bursar, 1781. 2nd class prize, 1782.


Born c. 1765 Forfarshire.


Tutor to George Monck Berkeley. [Teacher]

Also at Cambridge University - B.A. 1789.

Joined Church of England. Minister of an Episcopal congregation in Scotland c.1800 - 1803. Went to London and supported himself by writing articles particularly for ‘British Critic’ and ‘Anti-Jacobin magazine’.


Died London 24.3.1806.


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  • Preface to George Monck Berkeley’s Poems CLXXVIII, LVIII