Brown, Joseph


Student United College 1798-1899 Lat. Jun.; Gk. Jun. 1799-1800 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Log. 1800-1801 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Ethics; Civ. Hist. 1801-1802 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Physics. (Ternar) Bayne bursar, 1798. M.A. 3.5.1802.

Listed for Exchequer bursary, 1802.


Pupil of David Malcolm, Madderty. In guardianship of Joseph [ ]. Said to have been at Glasgow University in 1803 presumably as a divinity student.


  • UYUC400:1.12.1798
  • UYUY452/10/345
  • Dundee Advertiser 31.8.1909