Allison, John


Student United College 1836-1837 Lat. Jun.; Gk. Jun. 1837-1838 Log.; Math. 1; Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov. 1838-1839 Ethics; Lat. Prov.; Math. 2 1839-1840 Chem.; Math. 3; Physics; Sens. Phil.

Student St Mary’s College 1840-1841occ, 1844-1845.


Born c. 1821 son of William Allison, general merchant and Minny Rodger.

From St Andrews according to Lit. Soc. Mins and born Lothian according to Census 1841 St Andrews, but not found International Genealogical Index (now FamilySearch).

Attended Madras College, St Andrews.


Parochial teacher and registrar, Coldstream. [Teacher]

[Possibly John Alison, St Mary's College 1840-1841]


Died Coldstream 22.2.1898.


  • Deaths Reg. Coldstream 1898/2
  • UYUY674