Our Show


Our show was developed as part of an AHRC-funded project during 2013. It was performed eight times in 2013. We have no current plans to revive it in that format; but you are welcome to contact any of the team (e.g. whoever is geographically nearest to you!) about the possibility of a one-person demonstration/performance/workshop.

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The 2013 Tour

1 July 2013, Homerton College, Cambridge: a semi-public dress rehearsal, attended by interested academics from disciplines including history of science, English, education, theatre studies and science.

23 July 2013, University of Manchester (as part of the International Congress for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine): another dress rehearsal, attended by conference delegates, i.e. historians of science. A video of the dress rehearsal is now on YouTube; apologies for the sound quality.

23 July 2013, at the wonderful Portico Library, Manchester: a public show, attended by around 60 members of the public aged 18+.

11 September 2013, University of Newcastle (as part of the British Science Festival 2013): a public show, attended by around 200 members of the public aged 12+.

12 September 2013, University of Newcastle (as part of the Schools Programme of the British Science Festival): two shows and discussion sessions for KS3 secondary pupils from SCHOOL and SCHOOL (25 pupils and 3 teachers each).

Saturday 28 September 2013, Isaac Newton Centre, Chelsea (as part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Celebration of Science week): public performance for around 50 adults (and some children).

Saturday 9 November 2013, University of Birmingham (as part of the AHRC-sponsored Oliver Lodge research network): public performance for around 60 adults.

Pilot show, Aberdeen, September 2012, as part of the British Science Festival.