Workshop 2

University of St. Andrews, School of Art History, Boswell Room

2nd December 2016

10:30 am – 4 pm

Workshop Programme

10:30 am – Introduction by Linda Borean and Laura Moretti

Presentation of the project Venetian Renaissance Prints, Drawings, and Illustrated Books in Scottish Collections, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Presentation of the results of the surveys in Scottish museums and libraries, of bibliographic research completed during the first phase of the project (launched in March 2016), and of Workshop 1, held in Edinburgh, Scottish National Gallery on the 1st of October.

11:00 am – Presentation of resources preserved at the University of Glasgow Library by Julie Gardham and Rose King, and at the University of Edinburgh Library by Elizabeth Lawrence, and at the National Library of Scotland by Anette Hagan.

12:00 pm – Session at Martyr’s Church, with presentation of a selection of books from the University of St. Andrews collection, by Linda Borean and Laura Moretti.

1:00 pm – Lunch

2:00 pm – Discussion of the structure and contents (by type of works, or by collector or by a combination of both criteria) of the small exhibitions which will constitute one of the main outcomes of the project, with the two-fold aim of deepening the understanding of the role played by Venetian Renaissance art in the Scottish culture of the past and of the present, and of disseminating the knowledge of these materials to a non-specialist public.

3:00 pm – Discussion of the structure and contents of the online exhibition to be hosted on this website.

3:45 pm – Concluding remarks by Linda Borean and Laura Moretti.

Workshop Participants

Linda Borean, Università degli Studi di Udine

Julie Gardham, University of Glasgow Library

Daryl Green, University of Oxford, Magdalen College Library

Anette Hagan, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Elizabeth Henderson, University of St. Andrews Library

Graeme Kemp, University of St. Andrews

Rose King, University of Glasgow

Elizabeth Lawrence, University of Edinburgh Library

Laura Moretti, University of St. Andrews

Gabriel Sewell, University of St. Andrews Library

Drew Thomas, University of St. Andrews