Upcoming Events

Details of our 2020 events will be published shortly.

Past Events

Donbas Odyssey, an art installation that tells stories about the hometowns and homes of internally displaced people from the Donbas region of Ukraine, created by Darya Tsymbalyuk, Julia Filipieva and Victor Zasypkin in collaboration with The Byre World and CRSCEES (Centre for Russian, Soviet, Central and Eastern European Studies): 30th January-13th February, 2019.

An exhibition of Conflict Textiles, 3rd-29th April 2019, hosted by the School of International Relations in co-operation with the Byre Theatre, with a programme of related events.

Visualising War in Different Media: interplay and intervention: an immersive workshop, with concert, exploring the power of different media to generate different responses to war, and the ways in which interaction between different media can influence our reception of individual narratives and our broader habits of visualising war: Monday 8th April, 2019, 1.30-6.30.

The Ethics of Engagement: Research, Knowledge Exchange and the Military Sector ; an interdisciplinary workshop held in the Byre Theatre Studio on 11th December, 2018.

Visualising War in Different Disciplines: interdisciplinary interplay; an interdisciplinary colloquium held on 17th-18th May, 2018.

Visualising War: interplay between battle narratives across antiquity; an international conference, held on 14th-15th June, 2017.