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1748 (2) Borrowed 1748 Returned
ffebr 10 A.3.20 Gregories Astronomy May 14 Greg. Astronomy
F.7.45 Leadbetters Astron. Tables 2 Voll May 14 Leadbetters Astron. Tables
F.7.2 Whistons Astronomy May 14 Whistons Astron.
Mr Da. Young
11 E.7.65 Lock on Education Mar. 2 Lock on Education
on Mr Rymers order by
Jos. McCormick
11 J.4.35 Rowes Works 2 Voll. Apr. 16 Rowes Works 2 Voll.
J.5.18 Rowes ffriendship in Death. Mar. 22 Rowe's friendship in Death
on ... order by
Alexr. Ferriar
12 J.2.2 Pearson on the Creed Mar. 3 Pearson on the Creed
K.2.14 Popes Dunciad Mar. 3 Popes Dunciad
J.5.22 Derhams Astrotheology Mar. 3 Derhams Astrotheology
on Mr Gregories order by
Tho. Webster
13 K.5.14 ffieldings Miscellanies, Vol. 1st Mar. 5 ffieldings Miscellanies V. 1st
A.5.14 Addisons works Vol. 1st Mar. 15 Addisons Works Vol. 1st
on Mr Gregories order by
Ro Watson
13 K.4.15 Plinies Letters Vol. 2d Mar.14 Plinies Letters Vol. 2d
on Mr Rymers order by
Char. Allan
13 J.7.55 Keils Astronomy Eng. Mar. 26 Keil's Astronomy Eng.
A.6.44 Rapines Hist. Vol. 2d Mar. 26 Rapines Hist. Vol. 2d
on Mr Gregories order by
John Scot
15 A.3.9 Popes Odyssee Vol. 4 & 5th ffeb. 29 Popes Odyssee Vol.4th & 5th
on Mr Gregories order by
Robt Anstruther
15 J.3.4 Glovers Leonidas Mar 28 Glovers Leonidas
E.7.23 Molliers Plays Vol.3,6,& 8th Mar 28 Moliers plays Vol. 3,6, & 8th
K.2.5 Bayles Dictiony Vol. 9 Apr. 4 Bayle's Dictionary Vol 9th
on Prin. Murisons order by
To. Hallyburton
15 C.4.14 Calvini Harm. Evang. folio & Mar 12 Calvini Harm Evang. & Comt. in Ata
Comment in Acta Apost.
J.1.8 Locks works Vol. 1st Mar. 28 Locks Works Vol. 1st
on Mr Gregories order by
Robt. Brown